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Online Video Delivery PlatformVideo delivery services are the foundation for streaming TV and smart video delivery today. An advanced video delivery service can engage with CDNs, integrate with video encoding service, manage live video streams, handle multi-bit-rate and adaptive bit-rate video delivery, and more.

Video Delivery Services by Ooyala

Ooyala has the video delivery services and tools our customers need to become leading streaming video providers. Our advanced video delivery capabilities include publishing, analytics and full monetization options. We’re more than a third-party CDN: we’re helping our partners build the TV of tomorrow today.

The Path to Smart Video Delivery Solutions

Video delivery starts with a content delivery network, but a CDN is only the start of truly advanced video delivery. A full-service video platform will provide content encoding, live stream delivery, cross-device delivery and much more.

Businesses that want to make the most of over-the-top video are choosing Ooyala for the depth and breadth of our video delivery services. They include:

Ooyala's Video Delivery Platform

Video Delivery

We integrate with the world’s largest and most reliable content delivery networks and use adaptive bit-rate video delivery to make sure your content reaches your viewers at top quality.

Online Video Encoding

Great video encoding has to happen before great video delivery can occur. Ooyala offers multi-bitrate video delivery as well as various DRM options.

Online Video Delivery solutions by Ooyala

Streaming Video Delivery

Plenty of content is delivered live these days, and Ooyala is a leading live stream service provider. We offer full support as you deliver live content to viewers around the world.

Content Management and Delivery

The right video content management system will help you deliver the video your viewers want to see most. Ooyala helps you manage and optimize your library for maximum results.

Turbocharge Your Video Delivery Strategy

Ooyala provides video delivery solutions with our core platform and with integrations from partners including Google, iStreamPlanet and Microsoft. By combining the power of advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD), and subscription (SVOD), Ooyala helps you provide cross-device delivery for your video service and drive stronger and more sustainable revenues.

Companies like Media Prima, The Telegraph, and Mediacorp use Ooyala’s video delivery platform to drive some of the world’s leading offerings. Our real-time analytics provide the metrics to continuously improve returns on any online streaming TV strategy. From ad monetization options, to download-to-own environments, to extensive subscription-driven offerings, Ooyala customers are building the next generation of live streaming TV.

Ooyala Global Video Index

Has online video moved past its “early stages”? Are we well into the next stage of a more personal, more mobile future?

It sure looks like it. Video ad fill rates are rising. Big players like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T are offering major digital video options. Nearly a third of North American smartphone owners now watch TV shows on their small screens.

We break down the numbers on these trends and much more in our free Global Video Index.

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