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Ooyala's Video Content Management SystemVideo content management is the core workflow layer for digital TV providers. A complete online video management platform (OVP) will provide an integrated dynamic system that ensures the right content reaches the right viewer at the right time. But when it comes to managing videos, not all CMS systems are alike.

The Leading Online Video Content Management Provider

Traditional web content management systems (CMS) generally aren’t tuned for video content management. Ooyala delivers personalized video content management and delivery that gets the most out of your digital video. We provide complete content management workflow and delivery to the world’s best publishers.

Choosing An Online Video Management System

A web CMS is sometimes the first choice of businesses seeking to build up their online video but most soon recognize the need for a dedicated video content management platform. A video CMS might include anything from foundational processes, such as video ingestion and transcoding, to customized video experiences, video recommendations and other advanced capabilities.

The Ooyala video content management platform covers a range of needs, including:

Ooyala's Video Management System

Video Content Management

Use an always-on, web-based interface to upload, transcode and manage your content library. Get 360-degree visibility from the moment you ingest video until your viewers enjoy their viewing experience.

Video Management Workflow

Gain optimal efficiency, with workflows that help you deliver an exceptional video experience.

Best Video Content Management System

Video File Management

Manage your video files and keep them secure from unauthorized use. Distribute video across an all-cloud infrastructure to bring it to end users at top speed and top quality.

Video Database Management

A video is more than just moving pictures and sound: there are genres to be identified, seasons to be grouped, and themes to be associated. Manage it all with flexible metadata workflows as you deliver powerful personalized recommendations to your viewers.

Premium Video Management Made Easy

Ooyala is the video management system of choice for companies like Media Prima, Sky UK, and The Telegraph. Our platform helps them deliver compelling and profitable video to market rapidly and with great flexibility. From unique branding options, to download-to-own environments, to extensive subscription-driven offerings, Ooyala customers are building the next generation of digital TV.

Customers use Ooyala’s industry-leading video measurement system alongside our online video CMS, to track, analyze and optimize the video they provide to their viewers. Among online content management platform providers, Ooyala is unique in the way we collect extensive data trails of both video-on-demand (VOD) and live video, and present them to our customers in useful new ways. That’s one reason why Ooyala customers regularly experience 30% to 50% growth in video engagement when they start using our platform.

Building a Successful Multi-Screen, Multi-Platform OTT Service

In this white paper, Ooyala and leading TV application solutions provider Accedo share our perspective on how to build a successful OTT video service that will last, including:

  • Focusing on the multi-screen consumer
  • Taking a holistic approach to multiple platforms
  • Prioritizing personalized experiences
  • Preparing to evolve the service over time
  • Establishing an efficient application lifecycle

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