TV Everywhere: The New TV Distribution

Ooyala's TV Everywhere PlatformTV Everywhere solutions turn pay TV into a live streaming experience, with viewers logging into the pay TV subscriptions they already have. Often described as Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), TV Everywhere has broadened streaming TV audiences for publishers, broadcasters and operators worldwide.

Ooyala’s TV Everywhere Solutions

Ooyala delivers video experiences to TV subscribers around the world. We provide a variety of monetization options, from ad-supported video to TVOD and SVOD services. Our TV Everywhere (TVE) solutions power offerings from TV operators and distributors, using Adobe Access technology to validate TV subscriptions.

TV Everywhere Puts Pay TV Operators Back On Top

The rise of SVOD TV distributors like Netflix has created competitive pressure on traditional TV operators, as valuable audiences migrate away from classic pay TV subscriptions. Existing operators, however, have the benefit of large existing audiences and broad content libraries that viewers love. Ooyala provides comprehensive TVE services that let you:

Ooyala's TV Everywhere Solution

Simplify life for TV Subscribers

Your viewers can log in easily to watch the content they already have subscriptions for, lowering churn and boosting customer satisfaction.

Counter SVOD Threats

Use your extensive content libraries and engaged audiences to offer a service that competitive SVOD players can’t.

Ooyala's TV Everywhere Platform

Extend Internet TV

TV Everywhere isn’t just for homes with cables or satellite dishes. Extend your TV Everywhere service to new viewers you couldn’t reach before.

Offer Video-on-Demand Services

Go beyond simple TV Everywhere. Develop net new streams by selling access to premium content on a transactional basis (TVOD).

Ooyala Leads The Way

Ooyala was among the first to offer a true TVE solution: easy to stand up, yet flexible enough to deliver a truly unique viewer experience. The Ooyala video platform is robust, powerful, and tuned to deliver an exceptional personalized experience across all devices, platforms and networks.

Companies like Media Prima, The Telegraph and Mediacorp use Ooyala’s TV Everywhere platform to drive some of the world’s leading OTT offerings. Our real-time analytics help you create compelling and profitable SVOD offerings that people really want to watch. From unique branding options, to download-to-own environments, to extensive subscription-driven offerings, Ooyala customers are building the next generation of digital TV.

TV operators, distributors and other video publishers who use our video analytics = regularly see 30% to 50% growth in video engagement from their earliest days of using our video platform. These video metrics also drive Ooyala Discovery, which offers personalized video recommendations that regularly deliver over 50% higher engagement.

How to Reach and Keep Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers

In this white paper, we explore cord cutters and cord nevers, how their motivations and behaviors differ, and how video content companies can reach and retain these elusive viewers.


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