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Traditional pay-TV craters – again – in 2018; will vMVPDs follow? Yep
Mar 06 2019

Make it two years running where traditional pay-TV providers have topped 3 million in video subscriber losses, as a new study – which traditionally has been conservative in reporting those numbers – reports that 3.515 million customers cut the cord in 2018, 13% more than the 3.111 million it lost last year.

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Economy, OTT continue to exacerbate Brazil’s cord-cutting woes
Feb 05 2019

Cord cutting typically has been seen as an epidemic that only U.S. pay TV operators are dealing with, reporting more than 4.4 million losses (about 5% of its market) in the past three years as its declined to about 86 million customers.

But Brazil’s pay-TV industry has suffered even more.

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Survey: Just 12% committed to keeping traditional pay-TV in U.S.
Jan 29 2019

Just more than one-in-10 people say they intend to keep their cable subscriptions, according to a new survey of Americans who currently have, or have had, cable service.

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State of the Broadcast Industry 2019
Jan 16 2019

2018 was a year of significant change in the broadcast industry. There was a surge in M&A activity, an increase in the amount of time consumers spent with SVOD and AVOD content and a significant decline in pay-TV subscribers in North America as viewers changed how they watch TV… OTT jumped into the mainstream. There’s even more change in the cards for 2019.

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Will Netflix price hike stall subscriber growth? Nope
Jan 15 2019

It’s a question that everyone in the industry has been asking and we’re about to see just how price sensitive Netflix viewers are – a question that will also go a long way toward answering the broader segment question for SVOD providers.

Netflix is bumping prices on its subscriptions $1 for its basic plan, $2 for its most popular HD standard plan and $2 for its highest tier, 4K Premium. The 18% increase for the two premier plans is the biggest it’s ever jumped.

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Roku sees surge in streaming; positions itself for Amazon fight
Jan 08 2019

Roku streaming devices are hot at the moment with the company reporting its customers are streaming almost three hours of content a day. It’s seen a 40% year-over-year increase in the amount of active users on its devices during the 4th quarter and, citing preliminary data, said its 27 million active accounts watched 7.3 billion hours of streaming, a 68% surge from a year ago. For the year, it recorded 24 billion streaming hours, a 61% Y/Y jump.

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Scripted series flood makes content supply chain management crucial
Dec 14 2018

For those of you keeping track, the video content flood continues unabated with a record 495 scripted shows available to audiences in the U.S. in 2018. That’s up from 487 in 2017 and – more importantly – represents the first time there were more scripted series appearing on streaming outlets than on broadcast networks or basic cable.

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Report: Connected viewing increasing across all demographics
Dec 13 2018

U.S. consumers in the 18-34 demo spend nearly 60% of their time watching video and listening to music doing so on connected devices, significantly more than the rest of the population, according to a new study from Nielsen, which also said connected share for all adult Americans was 41%.

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Report: Disney, Comcast – with mergers – dwarf Netflix in content spend
Dec 10 2018

Think that Netflix is the top spender on original content or that we’re, perhaps, reaching a peak for content spending? Think again. A new study from Ampere Analysis posits that Disney/Fox will spend a staggering $22 billion in content while Comcast/Sky is set to come in with nearly $21 billion in original and acquired content spend by the end of 2018. The combined $43 billion represents about 20% of global spending on content, the researcher noted.

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Smart TV numbers grow, but smartphones will drive OTT further
Dec 06 2018

The number of smart TVs and streaming media players in U.S. broadband households continues to grow with more than half of all connected HH owning a smart TV and 40% at least one streaming media device.

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Netflix’s 89% bump in European originals bumps broadcasters’ risk
Nov 29 2018

If original content is the coin of the realm in terms of streaming success, local original content is the true jewels that separate the chaff from the wheat. Nowhere is that more clear than in the international market being mined by Netflix for its next 50 million subscribers – and in its plans to spend more in 2019 than the $1 billion it’s on track to spend on new content with European roots in 2018.

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Amazon’s bid for Disney’s RSNs an evolutionary step for sports streaming
Nov 20 2018

Amazon’s experience in broadcasting live sports apparently has whet its appetite for more. The e-commerce giant – according to a CNBC report – is in the running for Disney’s 22 regional sports networks that the Mouse Network has to offload as part of its deal in acquiring 21st Century Fox.