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Video solutions for media companies

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Earn more from your content

Earn more from your content. To not only survive but positively thrive in today’s world of all access content and viewers, you have to make the most of every content dollar. Building your media business on the Ooyala Flex Media Platform will ensure you have access to the very best tools from Ooyala and our partners to help you deliver the best viewer experience, the most engagement, and the most revenue.

Media Benefits

Increase audience engagement

  • Deliver high quality experiences to any viewer, on any device, at any time, anywhere
  • Offer personalized content recommendations so viewers watch more, longer
  • Deliver Live or VOD content through a high-performance video player experience
  • Build customized user experiences through powerful APIs

Optimize monetization strategies

  • Monetize your content with premium advertising, transactions or subscriptions — or a blend of all three
  • Seamlessly integrate with almost any 3rd party monetization partner of your choice
  • Leverage advanced analytics to evaluate content for profitability and ROI
  • Track unique trending metrics to maximize viral content

Distribute content where it matters most

  • Easily integrate your content with key social platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook
  • Create advanced syndication feeds for effective syndication to content partners
  • Take advantage of powerful APIs to customize an off-site video experience

Zoomin.TV Example

See how Zoomin.TV has used Ooyala Flex Media Platform
to cut its production time by roughly 70%


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