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Is your creative agency becoming a media production house?
Thursday, January 31, 2019

Creative agencies that used to focus on crafting viral tag lines and 15-second storyboards are increasingly being asked to produce complete video brand stories. The line between creative agency and media production house has blurred, and that means agencies are suddenly getting client calls like these:

"Once you've worked out the video, I want versions for our ten different global markets, dubbed and sub-titled, plus different social formats, as well as web for those markets. Our regional leads need to approve those versions, by the way. Remember our product launch is next month."

Whew. So on top of their own brand strengths and identity, creative agencies now fly or fail on their ability to produce video faster, cheaper and at massive scale. Having interns fluent in Adobe Creative Cloud who can send video to a few social channels doesn't cut it. Manually moving, reviewing, re-working, sending for approval and distributing all of a campaign's different versions is a complex content supply chain problem. 

That's why the world's leading media production houses use technology to automate to the max. Humans do only the imaginative and creative, with 100% focus. They let automation do the heavy lifting. Result? Operational brilliance, staff doing their creative magic, and content delivered faster to happy clients. 

What kinds of things can creative agencies automate to increase speed to market? Things like these:

  • Stakeholder review-and-approve sessions, with one-click next steps
  • Publishing directly from their non-linear editors
  • Linking asset management seamlessly with CMS
  • Using version journey control: the right content in the right place, with the right sub-titles and dubs at the right time
  • Linking up video cognitive AI to massively expand the value of video assets

If these tasks look familiar - or if you're getting more of those client calls - it's time to outsource your video operations control to the right software. May we suggest the Ooyala Flex Media Platform? It's designed to help you manage the publishing of marketing video to multiple channels, including social around the world.

Connect your video content supply chain to the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, then let your team go back to what they do best: creating amazing brand stories.

Contact us now to find out more.

Mark Rawlings-Smith
Mark is an aspiring veteran of the broadcast world with over two decades of experience of evangelising great technologies across major organisations.
With a passion to simply make things work better, his work has led him to Ooyala where he is taking the world of broadcast technology to other industries to build their success in video.  
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