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Striving for perfection with live streaming
Thursday, June 21, 2018

It’s the 89th minute, Ronaldo is stepping up for a penalty kick… and your live stream decides to buffer or go down entirely. Imagine the agony of your thousands of viewers. Imagine the scalding social media posts. Imagine the hit to your reputation.

Even when the World Cup isn’t on the line, viewers will abandon your service if a video doesn’t play within two seconds. After five seconds of start time, drop-off rates climb exponentially.

These days your platform simply can’t lose viewers this way. It drives them away for good and destroys your long-term standing with content owners, putting future opportunities (and revenues) at risk. Live video viewers demand flawless streams: no buffering, no dropped frames, no quality degradation.

Perfection is the expectation.

Viewers put their trust in publishers to hold up their end of the bargain and if that trust is earned viewers will ultimately reward publishers with that glorious ad revenue in addition to creating a loyal viewer for years to come.    

How can broadcasters and publishers maintain perfection and earn the enthusiastic trust and loyalty of their viewers?

The answer is live streams monitored 24/7 with an end-to-end, dedicated, multi-tiered Network Operations Center (or “NOC”).

A proper NOC monitors your live events and linear channels proactively, with dedicated engineers ready to resolve issues before your viewers see them.

What does an effective NOC center include?

  • Live monitoring and automated dashboards, in which specialists can spot any potential QoS or QoE issues. For example, dashboards can show that there is enough bandwidth to support the number of viewers of a live stream. If there’s an uptick in viewer numbers, the NOC team will swiftly react to prevent any buffering or quality degradation.
  • Specialists who keep a sharp eye on video and audio quality and react swiftly to any potential issue. No problem should be too minor for the NOC team.
  • 24/7 availability. A NOC center is always open and operating. It must have dedicated, multi-tiered support, and engineers must have a direct path to the monitoring team for faster response.
  • Precise end-to-end event testing and reporting. With pre-event testing and fine-tuning of encoder profiles, the NOC ensures that your streaming video starts on time and at the best quality every time.
  • And lastly, a NOC must offer automated reports of event KPIs during and after the live event. This helps your team make changes dynamically and plan for future events with an experience that gets better and better.

The ultimate goal: to sustain a TV-like live streaming experience for your viewers. And to make sure everyone stays to the very end of that big game.

Ooyala’s NOC is world-class.  We’ll make sure your live stream viewers can enjoy your content, and help you build the loyalty that creates customers for life.   

Ready to score? For more details about Ooyala's NOC and the OoyalaLIVE solution from the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, contact

Kalim Sheikh

Kalim Sheikh is a talent development professional with over a decade of experience in onboarding, training, and implementing complex enterprise environments.

Kalim is an articulate facilitator who is skilled at challenging clients to think critically about complex problems to drive change and action.

In his position as a Product Trainer for the Flex Media Platform at Ooyala, Kalim works to evangelize the vision and help advance the bleeding edge of online media.

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