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Start with your content endgame in mind
Thursday, June 14, 2018
One topic held center stage at this week's Variety Tune In! TV Summit: The complexity of producing and marketing content in the era of multiple platforms and "peak TV.”
Top producers, executives, and talent including Judd Apatow shared their insights on the creative process and strategies for success as today’s content becomes ever more driven by data, competitive pressures and audience appetites.
During the “Snackable TV - Delivering Addictive Video” panel on shorter-form content, Parrot Analytics CEO Wared Seger suggested, “It’s important to start with ‘What is the endgame?’ to decide the metrics that are important to achieve the results you want.”
A panel of top programming chiefs included Sandra Stern, President of Lionsgate Television, who shared that she looks at IP from different parts of the company to cultivate and develop content in-house. Amy Powell, President of Paramount Television and Digital Entertainment, agreed that IP from Paramount’s vast library of books, films and more is a key part of her content strategy as well. For example, the library was the source of the company’s current hit series for TNT, The Alienist
TV veteran Dawn Ostroff, now President of Condé Nast Entertainment, noted in a keynote conversation that the company turned to video to keep its print brands (some of which are 100 years old) relevant for today, and that content is made differently on digital versus linear TV and film, with “a different lens and different talent skill sets” than long-form content.
“Social media has given the audience a voice”, per Brooke Karzen, EVP of Unscripted and Alternative at Warner Horizon Television on a panel discussion about building a hit reality TV franchise. Indeed, many of the day’s conversations also included thoughts on how audience and talent engagement driven via social media and data has changed the landscape for all content constituencies.
The content marketplace is sure to remain complex but companies that focus on strategic uses for their IP, streamlined production and delivery processes, audience engagement, and data insights will be best positioned for greater returns on their content. 
Paula Minardi

Paula is the Head of Content Strategy at Ooyala, where she crafts insights on digital video, production and ad tech trends. She’s held previous positions at Viacom and EMI, with focus areas including video content development, distribution and marketing.

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