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New enhancements to Ooyala Live bring broadcast reliability to OTT world
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
There’s little question that live video will be a major part of the future of OTT. Cisco is predicting that live video will grow to 13 percent of all internet video traffic by 2021 (up from just 3 percent in 2016). Further, nearly 70 percent of TV industry professionals polled by Digital TV Europe said the ability to live stream sports or other time-sensitive content will be a key differentiator for an OTT service.
This rise in live streaming is matched by a rise in viewers’ expectations for the quality of their live video experiences. Start-up delays, re-buffering, bitrate shifts, downtime, etc. all have a negative impact on the viewing experience and can result in audience abandonment, and even damage to the brand. 
The latest enhancements to Ooyala Live ensure that our customers can get up and running quickly with live video and deliver the highest quality experiences to their audiences. Through the combination of real-time proactive monitoring, enhanced support and high availability channels, we can now offer a 99.95% uptime for live video streams. 
The latest update to Ooyala Live includes: 
  • The Ooyala Live NOC, which provides proactive 24/7 real-time monitoring of live events and linear channels. With dedicated support around the clock, the Ooyala Live NOC identifies potential issues with a stream before they impact viewers, resulting in minimal interruptions and the highest quality broadcast. 
  • The addition of High Availability (HA) support for events and live channels. Designed for customers that require continuous channel availability, HA provides auto-failover to a secondary channel if any interruptions in the primary channel occur. HA support is available for events and channels on HLS or Dash. 
  • For customers who prefer not to manage the day-to-day operations of Ooyala Live, Ooyala now provides a Managed Service offering where Ooyala’s Live Ops team runs the entire end-to-end operation. The offering comes with a 99.95% uptime SLA and includes platform training, channel setup and management, real-time monitoring, reporting on quality of service and quality of experience, and direct support from the Ooyala Live Ops team.
Interested in learning more about Ooyala Live? 
Join Ashwin Periagaram, senior product manager for Ooyala Live, on our upcoming webinar on Nov. 30 where he'll talk about these latest updates and demo Ooyala Live. Register here.
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