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Helping brand marketeers lead with their ace: video
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

By now, the value of direct-to-consumer marketing is clear. Most brands are engaging the way younger generations want them to: with video.

Which makes sense. But the unintended result for marketers is that they end up juggling complex media operations on top of their creative day jobs. Look at the marketing for your typical leading car brand:

  1. Live events, racing series, launch events
  2. Product and feature training
  3. TV and multi-channel advertising
  4. ‘How-to fix it’ for (lower cost) self-help support
  5. Multiple web and application immersion

The common denominator? Video. The corporate strategy for tomorrow? More video. (Faster and better video is assumed by all, of course.)

Brands want to boost their impact with live events, clip to social, use AI to tag automatically, transcribe and publish real-time around the globe, connect video management to MarTech stacks, manage many video production sources and channels, maintain governance and brand control… and still hit every product launch deadline, right on budget. Not easy.

How does our overworked marketer become the hero in all this? By realizing that the act of creating, managing and publishing video is a manufacturing supply chain. Successful organizations treat video in exactly that way.

That’s where the Ooyala Flex Media Platform comes in. It offers easy-to-use bespoke automated workflows that connect content supply chains from first camera to final device. Instead of spreadsheets and frantic emails, the Ooyala Flex Media Platform delivers integrations and full metadata to create a single point of governance and control. Azure and Azure Media Services are fully supported, with integrations across other Microsoft applications for better user experiences in Microsoft environments.

At last, marketers have help managing every bit of their video creation, management and publishing supply chain ― so they can focus once again on creative, engagement, deadlines and budgets.

That’s why the Ooyala Flex Media Platform runs the world's major broadcast product and publishing systems. Can we run yours?

Mark Rawlings-Smith
Mark is an aspiring veteran of the broadcast world with over two decades of experience of evangelising great technologies across major organisations.
With a passion to simply make things work better, his work has led him to Ooyala where he is taking the world of broadcast technology to other industries to build their success in video.  
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