Ooyala Flex Media Platform Streamlines Video Production Workflows for Picture Production Company (the PPC)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Leading Post-Production House Turns to Ooyala For Greater Workflow Efficiencies, Reducing Time to Market
Dallas, TX – April 9, 2019 – Ooyala has been selected to power advanced video workflows for Picture Production Company (THE PPC), one of the world’s largest creative production agencies and a leading provider to studios of creative and post-production services. The company produces over 25,000 pieces of content a year for over 60 countries 24 hours a day, 5 days a week across 2 offices.
THE PPC is using the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, the world’s fastest growing content supply chain solution, to simplify thousands of video workflows across distributed locations worldwide.  Ooyala’s Flex Media Platform will empower THE PPC to help its clients, which include many of the world’s leading film studios, to distribute content more efficiently, getting more product to more markets around the world in less time and with greater ROI.
“Increasingly, studios are in a global business for day and date release of video and film content. This requires a streamlined workflow,” said Jonathan Huberman, CEO, Ooyala. “THE PPC is a leader and innovator in the important localization services studios need to customize their content for various markets. The Ooyala Flex Media will not only drive greater efficiencies for THE PPC and its customers, it will also help them scale.”
THE PPC required a media asset management (MAM) system with the flexibility to work with legacy systems and that could also provide a structure and level of automation to THE PPC’s workflows. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides a single system to audit, track and store all of a client’s media assets. The platform powers advanced workflow orchestration that automates many of the most labor-intensive production processes and integrates various systems and solutions seamlessly. The platform even provides automated storage management functionality – ensuring the most efficient and secure means of storing and retrieving assets for post-production workflows.
“To help us scale our business, we needed an over-arching solution that could unify the various workflows of our teams and help us serve our clients more effectively. Ooyala’s Flex Media Platform will make our operations significantly more efficient, maximizing our resources and labor and further enabling us to devote even more attention to top-notch handling of our clients’ assets,” said Ben Nicholls, CEO. “We have been very impressed with Ooyala who have created a state-of-the-art platform on which we can build and expand our portfolio of services and clients.”
About Ooyala

Ooyala’s flexible and configurable content supply chain platform resolves the multi-platform delivery needs of today’s content creators and distributors.
The Ooyala Flex Media Platform has become the media factory of choice for innovative content owners worldwide. It orchestrates thousands of video workflows, manages assets and metadata across multiple systems, and analyzes bottlenecks within the entire content supply chain.  The platform utilizes open APIs to integrate with existing systems to provide a single source of truth for media, entertainment and sports companies. For more information, visit www.ooyala.com. For inquiries, contact us or email sales@ooyala.com.

Picture Production Company is a leading International Creative Production agency that combines a dedicated award-winning creative team with unparalleled post-production facilities. THE PPC provides global marketing and localization services to some of the top Hollywood film studios, independent film distributors and consumer brands.
With offices in London and LA, THE PPC provides 24-hour full cross platform service 5 days a week that delivers on brief, on budget and on schedule with commitment, passion and attention to detail which can be seen on-screen in each job. For more information, please visit https://www.theppc.com