Boost audience engagement

Engage viewers longer with personalized video recommendations from Ooyala Discovery.



Sophisticated algorithms

Ooyala’s patented video recommendations engine suggests videos based on user tastes, content relatedness, viewing behavior and trending content. Ooyala Discovery APIs help you personalize your consumer experience and grow engagement.

Personalized video recommendations

Video discovery keeps your viewers watching longer, so you can generate more ad inventory and revenue as you keep your audience satisfied.

Multi-screen recommendations

Manage your viewer experience everywhere. Ooyala Discovery lets you deliver a personal experience on Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, mobile devices or wherever and however your viewers like to watch.

Editorial controls

Tailor the experience to meet your editorial goals. Use metadata filtering to curate asset lists or exclude content, depending on context. Reserve a spot in the lineup for promoted content. You’re in control.

Measure engagement growth with Discovery

Measure it all. How many additional plays were a result of recommendations? How do those compare to organic plays? Discovery helps you analyze so you can optimize.


Ooyala Discovery comes right out of the box with the Ooyala video player, so you can start to realize new revenue immediately without extensive employee training, costly app development or site redesign.

Flexible APIs

Customize your app experience with our rich set of APIs: Use Discovery Profiles to curate recommendations without any coding to meet new content promotion or editorial objectives.

There’s more to Ooyala’s Video Platform

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