Advanced Video Analytics

Make confident decisions about your video business with a full 360-degree view of video usage and audience behavior.

Ooyala IQ

Better data for better results

Analyze across multiple dimensions

Ooyala IQ gives you the power to uncover value in ways never imagined. Use powerful multi-dimensional analysis to discover untapped audiences; target your investments to growing geographies; and focus your efforts on content that drives revenue.

Identify your most effective programs

Find your most successful syndication partners, your most effective marketing programs, and your most popular viewer platforms with Ooyala IQ. Player Tracking enables you to use different Player IDs in different situations and quickly identify the programs that are driving the greatest value.

Access deep insights

Using Ooyala IQ, you’ll access deep insights into each asset, including: how popular the asset is amongst your users; how viewers enjoy the content by geography, device, traffic source; and whether viewers are really engaging with or just sampling the first few minutes of your video content.

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Identify your most effective programs that are driving the greatest value with Ooyala's advanced video analytics With Ooyala IQ, analyze user data across multiple dimensions with advanced video analytics

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