Holistic yield management and programmatic platform

Video advertising technology that empowers broadcasters and publishers to maximize premium video ad revenue

Pulse Characteristics

Holistic Decisioning

Holistic Decisioning

Manage revenue across programmatic and direct channels in one platform.

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Revenue Planning

Revenue Planning

Use advanced forecasting to guide sales and manage ad campaigns.

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Consulting & Prof Services

Consulting and Professional Services

Get expert advice as you plan your monetization strategy.

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Ad Reinsertion

Ad Reinsertion

Work around ad blocking software to earn more from your video.

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Pulse Video

Ooyala Pulse Dashboard Ooyala Pulse Dashboard

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Ooyala equips publishers with the tools they need to make strategic choices for monetization and inventory allocation in an increasingly fragmented landscape. Our platform integrates with the seller’s video technology workflows to deliver premium video ads seamlessly, anywhere and everywhere.


Sellers can secure revenue through direct channels and still have the flexibility to extend premium inventory into a rules-based programmatic RTB environment. The cross-channel data from these revenue streams, combined with our consultative expertise, helps customers evaluate and iterate business decisions―all in real time.


Maximize sellout rate

Holistic decisioning maximizes the opportunity of each and every impression through direct and programmatic channels. Reach 100% sell-out and broaden the available inventory with premium audiences outside of owned or operated media.

Increase revenue potential

Best-in-class forecasting and real-time analytics data informs yield management decisions. Our reporting tools enable sellers to balance the risks and opportunities of upfront selling and trading in the spot market to maximize eCPMs.

Balance user experience and opportunity

Our advanced ad break management allows sellers to optimize user experiences with granular controls like frequency capping the ad exposure at multiple levels and adjusting the number and length of ad breaks.

Reach users everywhere

Our multi-platform SDKs and device-agnostic video delivery ensures that every user sees the best quality ad. It enables sellers to monetize all traffic regardless of device or platform.

Earn from your extended audience

Inventory portfolio settings make it easy to manage, invoice, and allocate to both owned and operated properties and syndication partners.

Leverage the power of a holistic video strategy