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Ooyala's live streaming platformLive streaming websites may have been a novelty once, but today streaming TV is the norm as the largest broadcasters and operators introduce streaming video services. Joining this rapidly-expanding market means finding a video streaming service that suits your needs, and doing so quickly: real-time streaming is about to overtake traditional Pay TV delivery in popularity and business opportunities.

Streaming Video Services by Ooyala

Ooyala’s live streaming TV platform covers publishing, video analytics tools and monetization. Ooyala’s integrated suite of technologies and services gives our customers a powerful way to broadcast video online, regardless of the device, platform or network.

Online Streaming TV: Tomorrow’s TV, Today

The days of proprietary live video streaming equipment like the set top box may be coming to a close. Today’s viewers want to see their real-time video streaming over the internet. They’re increasingly choosing to move straight to live web streaming via smart TV, cloud TV box (like the Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV), or even direct to the iPhone or Android handset via mobile streaming.

Businesses that want to capitalize on this shift need a comprehensive live streaming platform that can cut their time-to-market and help them earn more. Ooyala provides comprehensive video streaming services like these:

Ooyala's live streaming tv platform helps you reach audiences.

Live Streaming

Deliver the right content, at the right quality, to any and every device, across any network, anytime and anyplace. From signal acquisition through transcoding and packaging to delivery with guaranteed adaptive bitrate streaming, Ooyala is with you every step of the way.

Live Event Streaming

Whether it’s a sporting event, a concert, or a business conference, the Ooyala live streaming platform ensures your streaming success. Our team helps you set up all the right video streaming products, then carefully monitors your event to ensure an optimal result.

Best live streaming tv service by Ooyala

Live TV Channel Streaming

Many Ooyala customers already have linear channels that they want to convert to live streaming online. We’ll work directly with your current infrastructure to create a complementary streaming service that delivers the same exceptional experience over the web.

Video Streaming Products

Live streaming is complex. Ooyala works directly with leading partners to ensure that your solution works beautifully. From live streaming CDNs to live streaming equipment vendors, we’ll assemble a crack team to meet your needs.

Ooyala Live

Produce, Manage and Monetize your live streaming and VOD

For broadcasters, operators, and online media publishers Ooyala Live is a self service platform that enables the delivery of TV channels, live ad-hoc and scheduled events with live-to-VOD recordings, along with large VOD catalogs. Start live streaming of your content within minutes.

Customer Control

Enjoy instant provisioning of linear streams and full event management with Live to VOD capabilities by utilizing a single admin console that will drastically reduce the time it takes to provision, program, and distribute a channel. Including support for worldwide live streaming distribution through CDNs, as well as enabling Live-to-VOD conversion, and DVR capabilities, the Live workflow manages the channel/event provisioning pipeline including transcoding, packaging, content encryption/protection, CDN integration, Backlot assets, and monitoring of the events’ health.

End to End Platform

Fully integrated with Ooyala’s Backlot CMS to realise the full benefits of superior content management, video streaming, delivery, syndication, content discovery, video recommendations and monetization tools, as well as industry leading analytics from Ooyala IQ and flawless playback.

Active Monitoring

With active monitoring of your stream, get immediate notifications and alerts from the entire end to end platform, including live stream telemetry data. Ooyala Live provides a portal to proactively monitor the overall experience. A range of quality metrics from buffering to stream or platform issues will be gathered using stream telemetry, active and synthetic workflow and platform monitoring, and end-user device QoS data (desktop, mobile web and apps).

Ooyala Global Video Index

Has online video moved past its “early stages”? Are we well into the next stage of a more personal, more mobile future?

It sure looks like it. Video ad fill rates are rising. Big players like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T are offering major digital video options. Nearly a third of North American smartphone owners now watch TV shows on their small screens.

We break down the numbers on these trends and much more in our free Global Video Index.

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