The perfect UI for TV? IBC crowd says that’s a moving target
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The perfect UI for TV? A crucial moving target
Sep 13 2016 4:00 PM

Here’s an acronym that, if you’re not familiar with it now, you will be soon, because it increasingly describes vendors in the media industry: B2B4C… business-to-business for the consumer. Call it part of the consumer revolution, the move from “content is king” to “consumer is king.”

It’s a term you’ll often hear when designers of user interfaces get together to talk about the future.

Virgin Media’s TiVo box get significant ‘intelligence’ upgrade
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Virgin Media’s TiVo box get significant ‘intelligence’ upgrade
Aug 15 2016 7:30 AM

The argument over “lean-forward” and “lean-back” TV viewing experiences has been, largely, pushed into the background as more viewers become increasingly comfortable with the need to do a little bit more work in finding the content they really want to watch among the growing number of online outlets.

Rovi buys TiVo for $1.1B
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Rovi buys TiVo for $1.1B
Apr 29 2016 6:30 AM

Rovi has finally executed on its long-rumored acquisition of TiVo, with the set-top box company that had a major hand in changing how consumers watch TV being purchased – along with a treasure trove of user data – for $1.1 billion.

Rovi, which primarily provides digital entertainment guides, will pay $10.70 per share, a 13.6% premium on TiVo’s price Thursday.

Study: Millennials most fond of full-length TV fare; snackable content? Meh
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Study: Millennials most fond of full-length TV fare; snackable content? Meh
Jan 14 2016 2:15 PM

There are a lot of media companies out there betting big on what they believe is a Millennial trait: A short attention span and an addiction to short-form video content.

A new study suggests they may have their money on the wrong horse.

TiVo found that the primary type of video Millennials watch is full-length TV shows, followed by full-length movies and then music videos and sports.

Study: Satellite pay-TV cord cutters ‘more likely’ to turn to OTA, DVR combo
May 06 2015 7:00 AM

CHICAGO – Satellite TV subscribers are more likely than cable subscribers to cut the cord in favor of an OTA DVR, a new study says.

The study, fielded by TiVo, polled more than 500 recent purchasers of its Roamio OTA DVR box and found that 32% were formerly satellite pay-TV users, many of whom cited dissatisfaction with cost and overall features of their service provider as the impetus for their switch.

TiVo has been gaining momentum of late inside the cable industry.

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TiVo deal with clypd combines analytics, programmatic ad platform for TV
Apr 01 2015 6:15 AM

TiVo Research and Analytics and programmatic TV ad platform clypd are partnering on a product that’s designed to help media owners understand their audiences' media consumption patterns.

The deal, said TiVo, will allow users of its data products to go directly from analytics to targeted investment in television against their optimal desired audience.

TiVo says football, zombies take top 3 streaming spots from its DVR
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TiVo says football, zombies take top 3 streaming spots from its DVR
Jan 13 2015 1:00 PM

Lost in the detritus of CES last week was a report from TiVo that showed a pretty significant bump in the amount of streaming it’s seeing on its DVRs.

TiVo said Sundays – surprisingly -- are the most popular day of the week to stream video to a mobile device, and said dramatic programming is the most watched genre and tagged “The Walking Dead” as the primetime show most streamed to second screen devices (hmmm, could that be a Millennial bulge?).

TiVo's Roamio OTA allows users to record OTA programming
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TiVo Roamio lets users record and stream OTA, Internet content
Aug 25 2014 11:15 AM

Add TiVo’s Roamio OTA to the growing number of devices that allow consumers to capture free, over-the-air broadcasts and store them for later viewing

On its website, TiVo said it would release Roamio OTA for $50, a monthly fee of $14.99 and a one-year commitment. It will be available at select BestBuy stores starting Sept. 14.