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Growing Chinese programmatic market 'unique'
Aug 30 2016 5:15 AM

TubeMogul is pushing into the Chinese video market, looking to take advantage of growing programmatic ad tech adoption.

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Brands need to focus more on programmatic for Hispanic viewers
Aug 08 2016 7:00 AM

Programmatic ad tech is booming in most of the digital media world, helping brands expand their reach economically by automating the buying and selling o ads, and with less waste as it can help them focus their spending. But, programmatic adoption has lagged among Hispanic media.

Local TV ad spend moves to programmatic, too
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Local TV ad spend moves to programmatic, too
Aug 02 2016 12:45 PM

A new report from BIA/Kelsey forecasts that about 2% of the local spot television market (estimated to be worth $21.9 billion) will trade programmatically in 2016, but goes on to say that the market could ramp relatively quickly, if local follows the example set by the national television market.

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Programmatic Video: Growth Influencers In U.S., Europe
Jul 14 2016 2:45 PM

This post originally appeared in MediaPost

How will programmatic video expand globally in the months and years to come?

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eMarketer: US programmatic TV ad spend CAGR near 143% through 2018
Jun 29 2016 7:00 AM

U.S. programmatic TV ad spending is forecast to grow more than 14X between 2015 and 2018, reaching $4.43 billion compared to $310 million in 2015.

The forecast, from eMarketer, shows programmatic ad spend increasing from 0.5% of TV ad spending to 6% over the next three years. Programmatic is expected to total just over $710 million this year and $2.16 billion in 2017.

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PwC says programmatic is helping to spur Japan’s media market
Jun 27 2016 11:00 AM

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) 17th annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020 said Japan’s increasingly automated media buying is helping to grow ad spend, noting that strong demand for programmatic technology from premium publishers will help push Japan’s media market to $170 billion by 2020, from its current $154 billion.

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2017 will be launching point for programmatic
Jun 23 2016 6:30 AM

Is 2017 the year programmatic advertising takes off? No doubt, Tim Barnes, chief product officer of AudienceScience told The Drum.

“Next year will truly be the year where we are starting to see a lot of adoption of actual programmatic buys across the medium,” he said in an interview at Cannes this week.

And, he said, TV eventually will be totally addressable… eventually.

Ooyala News
Viewability in the realm of programmatic advertising
May 31 2016 4:15 AM

This interview originally appeared in eMarketer.

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Australia tops APAC in programmatic use, as adoption in region expands
May 23 2016 6:00 AM

Nearly half (48%) of Australian marketing execs say they use programmatic buying, helping to push the APAC region’s programmatic use to 41%. Just trailing, at 46%, are advertising execs in Japan and Singapore.

Forrester Consulting said nearly all of the respondents (96%) to its survey who already were using programmatic said they plan to continue investing in the ad technology over the next two years, with 82% saying they were satisfied or highly satisfied with their experiences.

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Report: Ad fraud slides 21% in Q4 as viewability increases
May 17 2016 5:00 AM

Recent research released by Integral Ad Science said programmatic ad fraud was down nearly 21% in Q4 2015 compared to a year ago, with viewability for ads up nearly 21% quarter-over-quarter. It was the fifth consecutive quarter ad fraud decreased for both programmatically bought ads as well as those purchased directly from publishers, the report said.

Ad Age in January reported that ad fraud could increase to $7.2 billion from a forecast $6.3 billion in 2015.

Programmatic video ad growth at inflection point; Agencies, publishers coordination is crucial
Ooyala News
Programmatic video ad growth at inflection point; Agency, publisher coordination is crucial
May 10 2016 8:15 AM

As online video consumption continues to grow, advertising agencies are looking for new ways to use its popularity and are moving ad spend from traditional outlets to digital media, increasingly using programmatic ad tech to reach their desired audience. At the same time, publishers, broadcasters and content owners are leveraging data and ad tech to help brands reach their desired audience, maximizing ROI and minimizing waste.

Comcast buys French programmatic platform
Mergers & Acquisitions, Ad Technology
Comcast buys French programmatic platform
May 09 2016 6:00 AM

Comcast reportedly has acquired French ad video tech company, in a deal that published reports say is worth at least $100 million. is a supply side platform that Recode reported will become part of Comcast’s FreeWheel ad unit. The cableco bought FreeWheel just two years ago.

The Paris-based startup helps publishers and TV broadcasters sell their video advertising inventory online and on TV.