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OVPs are out. IVPs are in.
May 10 2017 1:15 PM
Ooyala’s new white paper Four Stories of OTT Success: How Broadcasters Can Win in OTT with Integrated Video Platforms shows how leading broadcasters are shifting away from Online Video Platforms (OVPs) toward Integrated Video Platform (IVP) solutions.
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New report identifies integrated video solutions to solve new era of OTT teething pains
May 04 2017 8:45 PM
Every aspect of TV is undergoing a digital transformation, and content providers are struggling to keep pace. OTT, in particular, is causing teething pains as the complexities are ever increasing, from new devices, video formats, platforms, fleeting viewing behaviors, myriad of competing services, and the like. 
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Is cord cutting over? Far from it, and that’s creating new OTT opportunities
Mar 16 2017 1:15 PM

Has cord cutting finally run its course among U.S. operators who have, over the past five years, watched millions of subscribers walk away from traditional pay-TV delivery? Are Millennials – and their following generation, Gen Edge – ready to join Gen X and Baby Boomers in tying themselves to arcane and expensive contracts that deliver bloated tiers of content that they have little interest in watching, let alone paying for?


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Ooyala fuels OTT growth around the world
Feb 28 2017 9:00 AM
Ooyala’s new white paper “Four Stories of Video Success: Ooyala Fuels OTT Growth Around the World” discusses how global customers face challenges in OTT video. We’re helping companies including Sky Sports, Viacom18 and Toca Boca through our comprehensive suite of video products and services designed to help broadcasters and media companies maximize their OTT revenue potential. 
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Here’s how to avoid failing with a niche SVOD service
Jan 31 2017 1:45 PM
Ooyala’s new white paper “Why SVOD Services Fail: 5 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” comes from Ooyala’s Strategic Media Consulting team. It examines the current state of SVOD services and common mistakes providers have made. Harnessing insights the team has gathered through its many global SVOD engagements, the white paper discusses what makes a service sink or swim and provides guidance on how niche SVOD providers can succeed in this highly contested space. 
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OTT is the new normal in the broadcast industry
Jan 04 2017 7:45 AM

Ooyala’s new State of the Broadcast Industry 2017 report underscores the fact that OTT is a central part of the broadcast experience today and will be even more so in the coming years.

Wrapping up 2016 on a high note for streaming industry, consumers
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Wrapping up 2016 on a high note for streaming industry, consumers
Dec 19 2016 7:15 AM

A recent study from a consumer research firm found an astonishing 41% of U.S. adults said they’d be shaving — or cutting — the pay-TV cord in the next 12 months. They also found satisfaction with OTT was higher than with pay TV and that they were more likely to recommend an OTT service to a friend or family member than a pay-TV service.

Hooq looks to leverage SingTel in its Singapore launch
Hooq looks to leverage SingTel in its Singapore launch
Nov 29 2016 9:00 AM

Hooq, the subscription video on-demand service backed by SingTel, Sony and Warner Bros., has deployed in Singapore, looking to gain a bigger foothold in its battle with Netflix.

PCCW deploys Viu OTT service in Philippines
PCCW deploys Viu OTT service in Philippines
Nov 29 2016 7:15 AM

Just more than a year after its launch, PCCW Media’s OTT video service, Viu, has rolled out in the Philippines.

The ad-supported service originally launched in Hong Kong in October 2015, and has since deployed in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

AT&T’s DirecTV Now: Legacy pay-TV offering in sheep’s (streaming) clothing
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AT&T’s DirecTV Now: Legacy pay-TV offering in sheep’s (streaming) clothing
Nov 28 2016 2:30 PM

AT&T today detailed its new DirecTV Now streaming offer, targeting the growing number of cord cutters and cord nevers in the United States who are looking for alternatives to the traditional pay-TV landscape.

The service will launch Wednesday and promises “on-demand and live programming from many networks” in addition to premium add-ons and some significant gaps (notably CBS and Showtime).

Sling TV testing cloud DVR for Roku users; more devices to follow
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Sling TV testing cloud DVR for Roku users; more devices to follow
Nov 28 2016 8:00 AM

Sling TV is rolling out a limited cloud DVR beta program for Roku users, with features that include conflict-free recording, the ability to pause, rewind or fast-forward recorded content, and simple space management.

The launch, currently by invitation only, is scheduled for December, and Sling TV said it will have support for additional devices in the coming months.

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ISP Cogent calls OTT ecosystem’s long-term winner
Nov 23 2016 9:00 AM

Count Internet Service Provider (ISP) Cogent as one of the video service providers that believe over-the-top delivery will be the long-term winner in the battle for eyeballs because “it’s cheaper, it is affordable, it is time shiftable and it allows you a much greater choice in content.”