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KT leverages big data to launch shopping service tied to IPTV
Jul 18 2016 5:45 AM

South Korean service provider KT has rolled out a new mobile shopping service that allows subscribers to search for and buy products that are related to content they are watching on its IPTV service, Olleh TV.

KT, which is the biggest provider of IPTV service, with 6.5 million subscribers at the end of 2015, also is South Korea’s biggest fixed-line phone and broadband operator.

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How using online video can help turn shoppers into buyers
Jan 27 2014 8:00 AM

Shoppers are a moving target for brands, always looking for better deals, more information to use in their decision-making process, and, of course, searching for “just the right color.”

They can be choosy and easily distracted.

And, just as thinking too much about that three-foot putt often ends in a miss, consumers can feels just as overwhelmed looking at pictures, reading reviews and shopping multiple sites.

Call it paralysis through analysis.