Gigabit Broadband


BT has aggressive plan to expand FTTP to at least 10M homes in UK
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BT has aggressive plan to expand FTTP to at least 10M homes in UK
May 05 2016 7:30 AM

BT is planning to spend some £6 ($8.7 billion) on fixed and mobile networks over the next three years as it rushes to expand its fiber and 4G deployments.

Mediacom spending $1B to expand 1-Gig network across footprint, add more fiber, Wi-Fi
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Mediacom spending $1B to expand 1-Gig network across footprint, add more fiber, WiFi
Mar 14 2016 8:00 AM

Want a glimpse of the future? How about this: Tier 2 U.S. cable provider Mediacom is planning to spend $1 billion over the next three years to upgrade and expand its national broadband network, focusing on a wide-scale deployment of a 1 Gbps broadband service to virtually all of the 3 million homes and businesses within the 1,500 communities located in Mediacom’s Midwest and Southeast footprint.

CenturyLink expanding IPTV service in Minnesota; goes toe-to-toe with Comcast
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CenturyLink expanding IPTV service in Minnesota; goes toe-to-toe with Comcast
Feb 02 2016 9:00 AM

There’s no way to confuse CenturyLink with Comcast; one has some 269,000 pay-TV subscribers, the other 22.3 million. But the Monroe, La.-based telco believes it can create an alternative market in the Twin Cities and nearly two-dozen surrounding cities with its Prism IPTV service.

The company says it’s deploying a multi-tier offering that starts at $35 monthly for its 140-channel Prism Essential product, to $80 monthly for its 320-channel Prism Premium package.

Canadian ISP rolls out new IPTV service on its 1-gig Internet
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Canadian ISP rolls out IPTV service on its new 1-gig Internet
Jan 15 2016 7:15 AM

Urban Communications, a decade-old Internet service provider in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, is rolling out a new IPTV service based on its recently launched 1 Gbps Internet service. Its IPTV play includes a basic package of 90 channels (35 HD) for $29/mo.

Comcast debuts 1 Gbps home gateway at INTX
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Comcast debuts 1 Gbps home gateway at INTX
May 05 2015 3:15 PM

CHICAGO -- At the Cable Show, er, INTX, speed is the order of the day.

It seems like only a year or so ago that cable and telco execs were pooh-poohing the news that Google Fiber had launched 1 Gbps Internet in Kansas City. Now, an increasing number of them are joining the “me, too” club.

Comcast promises Atlanta 2X Google Fiber speeds in May
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Comcast promises Atlanta 2X Google Fiber speeds in May
Apr 02 2015 6:30 AM

Comcast will offer symmetrical 2 Gbps broadband service to 1.5 million customers in Atlanta next month, expanding to a total of 18 million homes across its footprint by year’s end. The uncapped – that’s right, uncapped – fiber-based service doubles 1 Gbps offerings from Google Fiber, AT&T, Cox and others.

FCC chief challenges providers to push more speed
Will Wheeler's challenge be enough to up operators' broadband game?
Sep 04 2014 1:15 PM

Seems I’m not the only one pining for 1 Gbps Internet; turns out someone with a little more clout, FCC boss Tom Wheeler, feels the same way.

Wheeler, speaking at 1776, a startup incubator in Washington, D.C., said “meaningful competition for high-speed wired broadband is lacking and Americans need more competitive choices for faster and better Internet connections, both to take advantage of today’s new services, and to incentivize the development of tomorrow’s innovations.”

Charter's been named operator of the year
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Charter feted as Operator of the Year, as AT&T bumps Broadband competition
Sep 03 2014 8:30 AM

A little good news for Charter Communications today, and a little bad news.

The good news? The editors of Multichannel Magazine have named it “Operator of the Year 2014.”

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AT&T plans major 1 GB Internet rollout to as many as 100 cities
Apr 21 2014 9:00 AM

Woot! AT&T has just thrown down the gauntlet with a major initiative to roll out 1 Gigabit service to as many as 100 cities in 21 metro areas.

The telco said it’s deployment would deliver its pay-TV service, U-verse, with the new GigaPower service, to consumers and businesses.

AT&T said it would work with municipalities to discuss ways to bring the service to their communities.

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TWC joins the crowd, turns up Internet speeds in Austin
Feb 21 2014 8:00 AM

On the heels of Google Fiber’s expansion announcement, Time Warner Cable today said it would begin offering a 300 Mbps service in Austin, Texas, which already is seeing 1 Gigabit service being deployed by AT&T and is on Google’s to-do list for deployment.

TWC said its current 50 Mbps “Ultimate” tier, would be bumped to 300 Mbps; AT&T already is offering a 300 Mbps service over fiber in Austin.

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Google Fiber weighs expansion to 34 US cities; Wall Street takes note
Feb 19 2014 8:00 AM

Google is expanding its Google Fiber initiative, starting early discussions with 34 cities in nine metro areas across the United States, likely unsettling some tummies in the cable industry in the process.

The technology – that just more than a year ago was dismissed by many as “an experiment” by Google that was too expensive to deploy on a broad scale – already has been deployed in Kansas City, Provo, Utah and is scheduled to deploy in Austin, Texas.