Windstream launches Kinetic IPTV service in Lexington, opens new market for its broadband

By Jim O'Neill on Dec 02 2015 at 12:15 PM
Windstream launches Kinetic IPTV service in Lexington, opens new market for its broadband

Windstream, following up on a promise it made in October, has launched its Kinetic TV service in Lexington, Kentucky, the second market in which the telco has rolled out the IPTV product.

Going head-to-head with Time Warner Cable, as it does in Lincoln, Nebraska where it launched in April, a basic version of Kinetic is being offered for $40/mo., with a basic TV/Internet bundle being offered for $60. Windstream offers a soup-to-nuts TV/Internet/phone bundle for $130/month.

“We’re extremely excited to make Kinetic available to the Lexington community following our initial launch in Lincoln last spring,” said Sarah Day, interim president of Consumer and Small Business at Windstream. “The response we’ve received from customers has been tremendous and we’re confident that Lexington residents will find it to be a superior entertainment experience to cable or satellite.”

Windstream has a 10-year franchise agreement that gives it access to more than 50,000 Lexington resident. Lexington is Kentucky’s second-largest city after Louisville. Because Windstream is coming in as an overbuilder, it won’t have to deliver service to every area of the city.

Windstream’s service is delivered over a FTTN network, based on Ericsson’s (nee Microsoft’s) Mediaroom platform. Kinetic offers the usual bells and whistles expected of an IPTV play, including HD channels, free whole-home DVR, a wireless set-top box, video on demand and instant channel change.

In Lincoln, Windstream said, it’s seen strong initial take rates by residents. Like most service providers Windstream is more focused on broadband, where it has more than 1.2 million subscribers, and likely will use its pay-TV service as a way to get its pipe into Lexington households, something it’s had success with in Lincoln.

Stay tuned.

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