What the Brightcove IPO Means for Online Video

By Jay Fulcher on Feb 16 2012 at 8:00 AM

Brightcove made news this week when it priced its initial public offering. On behalf of Ooyala, I want to congratulate Brightcove on this milestone. Growing a company isn’t easy, especially in the tech sector. Taking a technology company public is even harder. The Brightcove team should be proud of what they’ve accomplished this week.

This IPO is an important milestone in the evolution of online video technology and demonstrates that the category is now maturing. Brightcove will be the first of many online media firms to go public in the coming years. There’s tremendous potential for other players to innovate and monetize the online video realm. Accessing the public market is likely critical for Brightcove, and it’s great news for the streaming media universe in general.
Let’s look at the numbers (something we love doing here at Ooyala). Online video is exploding as companies discover how effective video is in driving bottom line results.  Recently released data from Ooyala’s Online Video Index shows the share of non-desktop video plays doubled in the fourth quarter of 2011. We expect this impressive growth to continue to accelerate. Tablets, smartphones and connected TVs continue to gain market penetration. Cisco just put out a study that projects the number of mobile devices will outnumber the world’s population by the end of this year. That’s a lot of smart screens that need new content.
Ooyala helps media companies and brands effectively reach their consumers. As online video, mobile and social technologies converge, more media companies, broadcasters and consumer brands will use video to engage their audiences.
But getting content to a connected screen is only the first part of a complicated new media equation. The streaming media business has moved beyond simple enablement (putting content onto connected screens) to effective engagement (using Big Data architecture and video analytics to understand how people are using your media -- and how to profit from it).
Ooyala is leading the charge toward delivering engaging media, and we are building smarter systems that deliver personalized, profitable media experiences across all screens. We deliver the tools and technologies that intelligently connect people with the content they care about most. On every screen. In every location.
It took a strong vision for Brightcove to start an online video technology company seven years ago. This IPO pays off on that vision at least initially. We look forward to joining Brightcove in developing this market even further, and anticipate continued competition as we innovate in the coming years. That will be good for us, good for the category, and great for customers.


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