Want To Earn More Money With Video Advertising? Ooyala, FreeWheel Show You How

By Greg Franzese on Jul 29 2013 at 9:00 AM
Mobile and tablet video growth isn't slowing down anytime soon, according to data from FreeWheel’s Video Monetization Report, and Ooyala’s Online Video Index.
Ooyala Product Marketing Manager Danielle Linares recently traveled to FreeWheel's San Mateo offices to discuss online video monetization strategies with James Rothwell, Senior Director of Business Development at FreeWheel.
The two talk about recent trends in short and long-form online video viewing, and make sense of the latest mobile video metrics.
James and Danielle also reveal how Ooyala and FreeWheel customers can better monetize their video content through recently deployed ad integration between the two companies. 
This new ad integration supports Flash and HTML5 players, as well as iOS/Android SDKs. This gives any customer the ability to monetize their content with ads, and optimize revenue across an entire video — not just a single ad slot. 
Freewheel ad integration, when combined with Ooyala’s video solutions, lets content owners not only prescribe ads, but also use detailed analytics to make smarter, more profitable digital monetization decisions. In many ways, this solution simplifies and optimizes an increasingly complex and fragmented multi-channel advertising landscape.
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Danielle Linares: How does FreeWheel help media companies make more money online?
James Rothwell: We help our media and entertainment companies scale and monetize their premium content across all devices, with all partners. 
We do that with a combination of products and services. 
Our products are our ad management system, a financial operations system, and an advisory services team that helps to consult across how to use our tools better, how to cut better inventory deals, or how to better structure your digital teams. 
So, through that combination of services, and through the ad sales rights management that our system provides, we are able to follow content wherever it goes, and monetize it more effectively.
DL: Let's talk a little bit about FreeWheel and Ooyala as integrated partners. Are you guys as pumped as we are about this?
JR: We're very excited that FreeWheel and Ooyala are working together so tightly. 
We started our integration points around HTML5 and Flash, which is where most people start their digital forays in digital. But now we've expanded that across screens to meet the demand, so iOS and Android are now part of our integration. 
So now any customer can work with FreeWheel and Ooyala together to scale their content across all connected screens. We’re very excited about that.
DL: If you had a crystal ball, do you see mobile and tablet video ads increasing in the coming months?
JR: We know [ both from the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report and Ooyala’s Online Video Index ] that mobile is increasing. We saw 19% YoY growth in terms of mobile and tablet views, and the Ooyala report saw similar growth. 
We know mobile and tablet video isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 
What was interesting about the Ooyala Video Index was the increase in long-form mobile video consumption. 
With long-form video, you have the opportunity to run more ads. 
So in a world where we saw 30% YoY growth of long-form video consumption on mobile screens — 53% of total time viewed on mobile phones was long-form content — there is a huge opportunity for ad views to increase, because of that long-form increase. 
We want to thank James for taking the time to share his insights with our community.
As always, thanks for watching!


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