TiVo deal with clypd combines analytics, programmatic ad platform for TV

By Jim O'Neill on Apr 01 2015 at 6:15 AM

TiVo Research and Analytics and programmatic TV ad platform clypd are partnering on a product that’s designed to help media owners understand their audiences' media consumption patterns.

The deal, said TiVo, will allow users of its data products to go directly from analytics to targeted investment in television against their optimal desired audience.

Clypd, which just entered the programmatic industry in 2012, will provide buyers and sellers of TV inventory with targeting data and performance metrics delivered from TiVo.

TiVo Research uses aggregated, single-source data to define audiences, aiming at optimizing campaigns against reach, frequency and cost targets.

The collaboration between the two vendors is the latest in a spate of deals aimed at making programmatic more mainstream in the U.S. market, which primarily has been seeing programmatic being used in the digital display ad segment.

But, the TV advertising market, especially in Europe, is undergoing a gradual shift online, where programmatic makes delivering ads to a targeted audience more efficient.

Proponents of programmatic content – combined with analytics – will help publishers build profit and sustain business, especially as the shift continues from a linear broadcast world to an IP-delivered TV world.

Stay tuned.

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