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By Steve Biondolillo on Jun 27 2017 at 1:00 PM
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If you already stream live video, you know that it’s a highly effective way to build and engage your audiences. By adding social syndication to the mix, you can maximize your investment and put your live video in front of even more viewers.
Ooyala Live already makes it easy to syndicate live video to Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. We’ve now added YouTube to the list of social platforms to which our customers can syndicate.
Why YouTube
In aggregate, viewers are watching one billion hours of clips on YouTube per day, equating to roughly 8.4 minutes per day per user. 
Younger generations are increasingly turning to YouTube and other social platforms, and away from traditional TV and other OTT services. Recent data claimed that 70 percent of Gen Z’s watch more than two hours of content a day on YouTube. 
As a result, many broadcasters are turning to YouTube and other social platforms as a way to increase the reach of their live events. For example, when BT Sport distributed the Champions League and Europa League soccer finals on social platforms, its total audience grew by 5% over the previous year, reaching an additional 1.8M.
With YouTube’s continued investment in live experiences, we expect audiences to grow even more as they become more accustomed to going to the platform for live events and content.
About Ooyala Live
Ooyala Live allows you to quickly set up, manage and deliver linear TV channels, ad-hoc or scheduled live events. With Ooyala Live, you can stream your live content to multiple devices and monetize with dynamic ad insertion. 
With the social syndication feature in Ooyala Live, you can easily expand your reach to social platforms. How you do it is up to you. Ooyala Live gives you the options to:
Syndicate your entire live stream

Stream only pre-event activities (or the first few minutes) and direct people to your owned channels to watch the full event

Create, review and syndicate clips instantly while the event is still happening

Then, watch as the video gets shared among users and your audience grows   

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