Pay TV subs slide in Brazil; 42% of all video viewing is online

By Jim O'Neill on Oct 11 2016 at 11:15 AM
Pay TV subs slide in Brazil; 42% of all video viewing is online

Brazil’s pay-TV woes continued in August with Y/Y subscriber numbers falling to 18.9 million from 19.6 million in 2015, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) reported. The 3.5% decline puts the industry down about 673,000 customers, as a sluggish economy and increased number of OTT users continue to take a toll.

When compared to July 2016, the number of pay-TV subscribers was down by 20,737. 

In August, Anatel said Brazil’s pay-TV industry saw a glimmer of a rebound in Q2 after a lackluster Q1.

Pay-TV subscriptions – which dropped by 850,000 between April 2015 and April 2016 –rebounded slightly in Q2, 42,663 quarter-over-quarter, but still down about 204,180 since the end of 2015.

Pay-TV penetration is just 27.8%, with America Movil (Net, Embratel, Claro) at the top of the market with 9.86 million subscribers and a 52.17% market share, followed by Sky/AT&T with 5.32 million (28.16%), Telefonica with 1.76 million (9.32%) and Oi with 1.24 million (6.57%).

Cord-cutting and cord-nevers are a growing concern among operators in Brazil, the region’s largest economy and pay-TV market, as is online video. A recent report said 80% of Brazil’s Internet users download content.

Brazil sees mobile video top 55%;  

YouTube’s market measurement service, VideoViewers,  is reporting that some 40% of all video viewing is of Internet-delivered content.

It estimates that 85 million people (42% of the population) watches online video, and 82 million people do so in YouTube, more than who watch pay TV.

The service reports that Brazilians watch about 39.2 hours of video weekly, up from 30 hours two years ago, adding that the time is 42% of all video viewing time, including pay TV, up from 27% two years ago.

Nearly a third (30%) of online video users say they watch more online video than any other media, up from 12% in 2014.

Mobile devices, meanwhile, now are the primary viewing screen for online video in Brazil, with the report saying 55% of all video viewing time is on mobile devices.

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