OVPs are out. IVPs are in.

By Paula Minardi on May 10 2017 at 1:15 PM
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Ooyala’s new white paper Four Stories of OTT Success: How Broadcasters Can Win in OTT with Integrated Video Platforms shows how leading broadcasters are shifting away from Online Video Platforms (OVPs) toward Integrated Video Platform (IVP) solutions.
IVPs are the next generation of OVPs, evolving well beyond OVP capabilities and feature sets to solve for issues across the entire video chain. IVPs build and utilize common data sets to deliver collective insights and inform strategies, connecting content with audiences and maximizing revenue.
The time is right for IVPs as we reach what industry analysts call “Peak TV.” The new pressures of OTT, particularly on production, are demanding more content for more devices and for more consumption than ever before. This activity is making it feel more like base camp one now, not the peak, with a steep climb still ahead just this year—by some estimates, to 500 scripted shows. At this volume and pace of delivering new content, it’s becoming more critical than ever for broadcasters to understand how to optimize the entire video lifecycle. 
Ooyala is leading the way towards delivering an IVP that specifically meets the needs of today’s broadcasters, publishers, studios and production houses—with a full suite of sophisticated, data-centric solutions that traverse the video content creation chain—and helps companies such as Sky and Blink Now fully understand the costs, impact and ROI of their content to give them informed control over their whole video business. 
All via a single provider.
For more insights, and four stories of customers who have found success with Ooyala’s integrated solutions, download the white paper here.
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