Opera TV helps expand reach of Claro video in growing LatAm market

By Jim O'Neill on Nov 04 2016 at 5:00 AM
Opera TV helps expand reach of Claro Video in growing LatAm market

Opera TV is helping SVOD service Claro video expand its presence in Latin America’s growing market, helping Claro streamline its app development and deployment efforts.

Claro’s app will be available to consumers from the Opera TV Store across multiple regions, devices and ecosystems without needing to work with each device manufacturer and ecosystem individually. This will enable Claro video to speed up time-to-market and begin distributing content to consumers more quickly in the 16 countries of LatAm where the service will be available.

The Opera TV Certification Program unites HTML5-based devices into a single ecosystem that is market-ready at the silicon level, making it easier to bring (OTT) services to multiple platform and device ecosystems. It provides app developers access to specifications and documentation for connected TV platforms, along with developer tools like emulators and code snippets, and access to a global support team.

OTT service revenues in Latin America are on track to more than double their subscribers by 2021, Digital TV Research recently reported, with nearly one-in-five households subscribing to an OTT service.

“Latin America is a strategic and important region for Opera TV and our partnership with Claro video enables us to bring top content to consumers enjoying the Opera TV experience,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO of Opera TV.

Certified apps are distributed through Opera TV partners, which include consumer electronic device manufacturers as well as pay-TV and free-to-air operators.

Claro video includes a range of content, including movies and TV series on demand, and LAO HAS an extensive catalog with concerts, sports and children’s programs.

It’s available on connected TVs, tablets or smartphones and works with any browser, or by using the app on Android, iOS and Windows tablets and phones, Xbox One and 360 game consoles, Smart TVs, Claro player, Apple TV and Chromecast.

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