By Jay Fulcher on Feb 25 2013 at 8:00 AM

1 in 4 Americans watch Ooyala-powered video every month. We process billions of video analytics events each day, and measure the viewing habits of 200 million unique viewers, in 130 countries.

2012 was another historic year for online video. The world watched a man jump to the earth from outer space, the London Olympics went online, and the highest viewed YouTube video taught us all to dance to “Gangnam style.”
Ooyala recently released our 2012 Video Index that reveals key online video trends from last year. 
First, live streaming is the new norm. Online viewers tuned in to Wimbledon, the Tour de France, and the U.S. Presidential debates as they happened. Throngs of connected viewers also watched the monumental “12.12.12” Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief. Ooyala's data shows viewers watch live video longer on all devices.
Second, Tablet TV is surging. The share of tablet video viewing more than doubled last year, as mobile, social and video converged on a single device.
And Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles continue to change the way people watch TV. New findings in this Video Index show how viewing patterns change seasonally.
Ooyala was founded five years ago to help media companies, marketers, brands and TV networks earn more money from online media and connect with their viewers around the world. Driven by a vision of personalized media, simplified discovery, advanced social sharing, and robust analytics, Ooyala is committed to keeping our customers ahead of the technology curve. 
I hope you take a moment to download Ooyala’s Global Video Index -- and -- as always, thanks for watching!


Ooyala Q1 Video Index: SVOD vs. AVOD engagement; the QoE impact
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Ooyala Q1 Video Index: SVOD vs. AVOD engagement; the QoE impact
Jun 16 2016 1:45 PM

A 22% increase in the amount of premium video inventory available programmatically in Q1 helped drive a 74% increase in paid ad impressions, according to Ooyala’s Q1 2016 Global Video Index.

The report also found a 13% increase in private marketplace CPMs during the quarter, one which traditionally falls off following the Q4 holiday season.

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Ooyala Q3 Video Index European mobile video views top 53%; on mobile, sports is king
Dec 10 2015 5:15 AM

Ireland and the United Kingdom are leading Europe – and the rest of the world (ROW) – in watching video on mobile devices, according to Ooyala’s Q3 2015 Global Video Index.

The latest iteration of the report shows that the Irish and British, especially, watch the most mobile video (66% of all video views) on smartphones and tablets, helping Europe to a ROW-leading 53%.

Ooyala Quarterly Video Index shows mobile viewing, ad impressions growing
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Ooyala Quarterly Video Index shows mobile viewing, ad impressions growing
Sep 16 2015 3:15 AM

Ooyala’s Q2 2015 Global Video Index showed that nearly half of all video plays and ad impressions for publishers occurred on mobile devices.

In the latest Index, released today, Ooyala said 44% of all video views in the quarter were on mobile devices, an increase of 844% since the second quarter of 2012, and a compound annual growth rate that exceeds 110%.

Ooyala released its Q1 2015 Video Index today
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New Ooyala report shows mobile viewing is booming and advertising is catching up
Jun 25 2015 3:45 PM

Ooyala released its Q1 2015 Video Index today (download it here) capturing the shifting viewing trends of more than 220 million unique users in nearly every country in the world, spanning Ooyala’s 500+ customer base of the world’s largest broadcasters and publishers. This quarter’s report shows mobile viewing now accounts for 42% of all online viewing.