Ooyala powers Blink Now VOD service in the Philippines

By Mongchee Chang on May 05 2017 at 2:15 PM
Ooyala is now powering Blink Now, a Philippines video-on-demand (VOD) service allowing TV and movie fanatics to watch dramas and movies on the go at anytime, and on any device. Operated by SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc (SMLEI), the service offers consumers various ways to get access - including a monthly subscription, pay per movie or TV drama, or watch for free with ads. A wide range of content is available including Hollywood content, Primetime TV series, news and more recently, live events like Ms Universe.  
In the new generation of digital TV, consumers watch and pay for what they want, and when they want it. Broadcasters and TV operators can no longer dominate with daily programs that dictate viewer’s schedules. They need to know what their consumers really want. That’s the challenge that SMLEI faced with its Blink Now service. They needed deep insights into their consumers viewing habits, in order to curate better content and offer personalised recommendations, as well as understand how their viewers preferred to watch and pay for content across three separate business models. They promote content that’s trending, leading to higher engagement and retention with their audience. For consumers who are watching content with ads, the number and frequency of ads are also regulated so that the user experience is optimized. 
SMLEI is able to run Blink Now effectively and maximise revenue from the service, by working with Ooyala to power their ad operations, video delivery, data-driven insights and live streaming to more than 180,000 users nationwide. Ooyala is excited to be supporting a modern entertainment customer like Blink Now, helping them to provide the best possible video experience to their consumers, and to grow their business over time. 
As Francis Gerard R. Tupaz, SMLEI Assistant Vice President of Digital Media, puts it, “Supporting multiple TV-monetization models demands rich data to guide decisions. Ooyala’s analytics ties our business decisions to our audience’s desires, giving us the confidence to know what we build is what they want most. When considering our options for vendors in the market, Ooyala stood out as they are the only video solutions provider with a comprehensive set of modern-day technologies.” 
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