Ooyala Live now syndicates broadcasts to Facebook, in a single click

By Paul Bernardini on Apr 12 2016 at 11:00 AM
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Our team is on the ground at Facebook’s F8 conference this morning, and the big news is around Facebook Live. The social networks’ product for enabling anyone to broadcast live video to Facebook - first for celebrities and then rolled out to the general public - is now going upstream, with a focus on publishers, broadcasters and other content providers. And it’s quickly picking up steam. 
In fact, just last week BuzzFeed tallied 800,000 concurrent Facebook viewers tuning in to watch a 45-minute live feed on how many rubber bands it takes to explode a watermelon (Spoiler: the answer is roughly 600). 
Today, Ooyala joins forces with Facebook to make it easier for premium content providers to reach the highly engaged masses on the world’s largest social network. 
At Facebook’s developer conference F8 this morning, Ooyala became an official Media Solutions Partner for Facebook Live. Broadcasters and video publishers using Ooyala Live for their live television or other video streaming services can now quickly and simply syndicate their official broadcasts to Facebook through Ooyala, extending their audience reach to Facebook’s near 1.6 billion user base worldwide. 
And the best part? It’s literally as simple as clicking a button. 
Ooyala Live is now one of the simplest ways possible for video providers to quickly expand their audience to Facebook, without the need to acquire yet another technology - the functionality is fully baked into Ooyala Live. The service takes care of the live-stream provisioning to a broadcaster’s or publisher’s official Facebook page. Once the live stream to Facebook ends, Facebook automatically archives the stream for catch-up viewing on demand. In fact, BuzzFeed’s watermelon experiment, at the time of this post, touted nearly 10 million views since the live feed ended. 
Ooyala Live customers interested in taking advantage of this exciting news, can learn more here. Those interested in Facebook’s official announcement can learn more here as well as see all of the Facebook Live partners here.  
Happy streaming!


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