Ooyala Just Built A Programming Guide for the TV of Tomorrow

By Brian Theodore on Mar 27 2013 at 9:00 AM

At Ooyala, we’re constantly working on reinventing television for the Internet age. 

We’ve seen an explosion in the choice of content available to consumers online, from one-minute sports clips to full-length movies. 
We are also seeing tremendous growth in live content, from standalone scheduled events like concerts and big games, to full, 24x7 linear-TV channels delivered over the Internet to a broad range of connected devices.
All this choice, however, comes at a cost.
It’s easy for great content to get buried under this avalanche of streaming media. 
How do we solve this problem? Deliver less content online? 
No, of course not. 
Video publishers need to present the right content to each viewer inside a future-proof programming guide that seamlessly integrates linear, live and on-demand content with a compelling and engaging consumer experience.

The Age of Discovery

Last year, we launched Ooyala Discovery, a way to personalize video-on-demand (VOD) by offering the most relevant videos to your viewers, whether in-player or on a content provider’s website, or mobile app. We focused on enabling more TV-like experiences by delivering continuous playback online. By stitching together multiple videos based on each viewer’s interests, we eliminated the end-screen and were able to boost video consumption by as much as 47%.
Now we are expanding this capability by including both live and linear content. 
We call this the Ooyala Discovery Guide, and it is a radical new approach to content discovery that blends scheduled and on-demand content into a single, seamless, integrated experience. 
Unlike the traditional electronic program guides (EPGs) that you may find on your cable or satellite service, Ooyala’s Discovery Guide puts the viewer at the center of everything, and enables a much more engaging and relevant experience.
For instance, by leveraging our real-time discovery API, it is now possible to recommend on-demand assets related to content that is playing live. This technology offers viewers additional choices at the end of a live program: if you liked the concert you just watched, you may be in the mood for some related music videos. Or, if you are watching a live sporting event, you may want to see a recent interview from the player who just scored even before the game is over.
Now turn it around. Let’s say you just watched a movie on demand. You may want to know about the sequel airing later that evening on a linear channel. How would you even know that the movie is coming up? And what if it’s only 7:00 PM and the movie doesn’t start until 8:00 PM? If you can’t start watching right now, what do you do? 
To solve this string of “what if’s” we employed the notion of a virtual asset to capture the movie info (or metadata in techspeak), which we build as part of a complete program schedule and links together scheduled live programs with scheduled repeats of the same program with the same program as an on-demand asset.

TV Just Got Personal

But instead of laying this out in an ugly, hard to navigate grid, we do the work for the viewer and pluck out the most personally relevant content. 
Ooyala makes it possible for users to add content to a personal watch-later queue of on-demand and live content, ensuring that whenever they are ready to watch TV online, there will be something that matches their interest waiting for them. If they start watching on one screen, and want to continue watching on another device, they can pick it up right where they left off.
Just as traditional TV has moved from appointment viewing to time-shifted, on-demand watching, the programming guide needs to evolve from a hard to navigate grid to a more personalized, intelligent discovery engine. 
At Ooyala, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of TV technology to help media companies, broadcasters, agencies and networks make more money from mobile, multi-screen TV. 
If you want to deliver live or linear content while maximizing viewership and revenue, Ooyala’s Discovery Guide might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Want to learn more? Contact us for more information.
As always, thanks for watching!


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