Ooyala Co-Founder Sean Knapp: Mobile, Tablet Video Grew 10X in Two Years

By Greg Franzese on Sep 23 2013 at 9:00 AM
Ooyala’s Chief Product Officer Sean Knapp recently appeared on CNBC’s Big Data Download to discuss the latest mobile video viewing trends from Ooyala’s Global Video Index with host Courtney Reagan and Yahoo! Finance’s Lauren Lyster.
The Ooyala co-founder revealed that mobile and tablet video are exploding:
What we’re noticing is that online video is no longer just a PC game. Mobile and tablet video consumption is growing at a remarkable rate - 10X growth over just the past two years.
Of course, the rise of mobile, multi-screen streaming media is impacting traditional linear television.
“More TV consumption is moving online,” said Knapp.
Sean also pointed out that people view video on different devices depending on the time of day and day of week. 
PC consumption peaks midday actually at work, whereas mobile and tablet consumption is peaking in the morning, around 7 a.m. before you go to work, at night obviously after you get home from work, for example watching mid- and long-form content in bed, and on the weekends.
But rather than destroy TV, Knapp says the rise of online video will lead to a more personalized viewing experience on a number of smart, connected screens.
Ooyala uses Big Data to capture the state of streaming media today. We measure anonymized data from nearly 200 million unique viewers every month and capture 2 billion analytics events every day. 
Want to learn more about how the world watches TV online today? Download the Ooyala Global Video Index for free today.
Can’t get enough of Sean talking about online video viewing trends? Then you’ll want to check out his previous appearance on Big Data Download here. You can also read his recent profile in Forbes, which asks, Will Ooyala Be The Backbone of Digital TV?
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