Mobile video viewing up more than 200 hours since 2010

By Jim O'Neill on Nov 03 2016 at 7:45 AM
Mobile video viewing up more than 200 hours since 2010

Over the past four years, watching video on mobile devices has increased by nearly 210 hours annually while viewing on traditional TV sets has fallen by 130 hours, according to a new report. It’s a trend that’s accelerating and helps illustrate why more operators, broadcasters and content owners are ramping up their mobile video initiatives.

The data, from the latest Ericsson ConsumerLab’s report means the average consumer worldwide is watching 4 more hours of mobile video every week than they did in 2012, while their traditional viewing time on televisions is down by 2.5 hours a week. That’s a net gain of 1.5 hours of video viewing every week, often scattered across all day parts as more is done by viewers traveling, waiting or simply filling time.

The report also found that consumers increasingly are looking for video-friendly mobile data plans that allow unlimited streaming. While Millennials, obviously, are most interested in those plans – 46% of them, according to the report – they’re not alone: Overall, 40% of consumers expressed interest in plans that would allow them to stream video to their mobile devices without worrying about caps.

Consumers value VOD over linear

The report also found that consumers say they spend almost half-again as long on VOD sites searching for the content they want to watch than they do on scheduled linear TV services. Despite the perceived difficulty in finding the “right” VOD content to watch, more consumers (63%) said they are “very satisfied” with content discovery in their VOD service compared to their scheduled linear TV provider (51%). The reason? Once they find the content they want to watch online, they consumer when, where and how they want to.

In the U.S., meanwhile, spending on VOD content over the past four years is up 60%, the study found, from an average of $13/mo. to $20/mo.

Over a period of four years, consumers say they have increased their VOD spending from an average of US$13/mo. to US$20/mo., a 60% increase that’s due in large part to the increasing number of VOD services each U.S. HH subscribes to, which according the ConsumerLabs has risen to nearly 4 on average.

When it comes to viewing habits, age plays a big part

It comes as no surprise that how Millennials watch TV is far different than how Gen X and Baby Boomers get their video fix:

  • Millennials watch 1.7 hours of live sports on TV weekly, older viewers about 1.9 hours.
  • Millennials watch 3.3 hours a week of liner TV shows, compared to 4.4 hours for older viewers.
  • Millennials watch 3.0 hours of scheduled movies compared to 4.2 hours by older viewers.

The differences are far broader when it comes to streaming:

  • Millennials stream more on-demand TV shows (2.9 hours) than Gen X and Boomers (1.4 hours).
  • Millennials stream more on-demand movies (2.3 hours) than older viewers (1.3) hours.
  • Millennials watch more streamed live events (1.1 hours) than older viewers (0.7 hours).

Consumers crafting their own TV experience on demand

Globally, while traditional TV viewing retains the lion’s share of viewing time each week, about 40%, it’s declined about 16% since 2010. Watching recorded linear TV has also declined, about 10%, as has watching content on a DVD/Blu-ray player.

Instead, there’s been a significant shift to on-demand content, with ConsumerLab reporting streamed TV shows and movies have increased 50% since 2010 while short-clip viewing has risen 86. Overall, on-demand viewing now makes up 43% of all active viewing (74% of which is movies and TV), slightly more than linear TV viewing alone.

You can view the full report here.

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