Media logistics clears the roadblocks to video production growth

By Paula Minardi on Feb 21 2017 at 5:15 PM
Ooyala’s new data brief Removing Growth Barriers Through Media Logistics highlights results from the 2016 Ooyala global video production forums, which included 180 executives in nine cities across the globe.
It explores current video production challenges across the broadcast and media industries, which are facing unparalleled levels of complexity today, and how companies are finding success solving these through media logistics -- today’s solution for advanced media supply chain management.
Optimizing production processes and revenues is paramount these days, with increasing demands for video content. Traditional broadcasters and OTT services are spending billions just on original programs; Netflix and Amazon alone have more than doubled their individual investments in original video content since 2013.
Among the brief’s insights are that the top causes of operational inefficiencies are a lack of integration, communication, and visibility of assets and tasks. Media logistics platforms such as Ooyala Flex help address these issues and drive business expansion.
The explosion of devices, content and consumer appetites for video in today’s marketplace require leading-edge solutions to remove production obstacles, ensure growth and adapt to future changes. 
For more insights, download the data brief here.
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