How to save money, time and resources on a major TV production

By Paula Minardi on Nov 17 2016 at 8:00 AM

Ooyala’s new guide, The Flex Factor: How to save money, time and resources on a major TV production walks through each production step of a typical series and shows how only Ooyala Flex provides insights throughout every stage of a video asset’s production lifecycle. These insights enable broadcasters and production companies to save costs, eliminate errors, create higher-value content and above all, build revenue.

The need for more efficiency in video production is growing in response to ever-increasing demands for content today. Services like Netflix, Disney, NBC and Amazon Prime are spending billions on original content production to attract and maintain their audiences; the two streamers alone have more than doubled their spend on originals since 2013.

The guide explores ways that the data-driven Ooyala Flex media logistics platform helps to create efficient workflows before a single shot is taken, provides a full audit trail throughout production, packages customized syndication partner requirements, and much more -- all to help content producers maximize return on their video investments.

With Ooyala Flex, companies can change the way they produce, distribute and learn from their most precious asset: their content.

For more insights, download the guide here

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