Four best practices for an AVOD strategy: Part 3 - Strategize

By Sergio Santos on Aug 03 2016 at 3:00 PM
This is the third of a four-part series.
In this series, we’re discussing recommendations for how to get the most from your AVOD business. Yesterday in part two we discussed ways to drive the most effective monetization. Today, let’s talk about methods for optimizing your content strategy.
When it comes to consuming content, viewers have many choices; here are a few tips for making sure they choose you.
Focus on high-impact content
The best content makes viewers feel emotions, and people like to share “the feels” with friends. Focus your budget on this high-impact content.
Target proven content
Use analytics products (like Ooyala IQ) to find out things like which content performs best and which video lengths get watched more.
Optimize distribution
Every screen and platform is unique and needs to be treated accordingly. For instance, the clips you post to YouTube should focus on getting viewers to your site, while those you post to Facebook should focus on sharing that can drive conversation and brand growth. Use a set of predefined rules on how clips get cut, distributed and curated for each platform; media logistics platforms like Ooyala Flex can help manage this activity. 
Cut for viral
To help your emotion-inducing video go viral, cut clips to sharable length that get right to the special moments fast.
Create a buzz
People like to get wrapped up in buzz and anticipation. Give them the chance with socialized release schedules (“Coming May 8th!”) for your premium content. 
Supplement your original content with licensed content from other sources. This brings your viewers a more in-depth experience at a cost less than producing in-house.
Use the massive power of the internet: swap, sell or share your content with related websites. 
Your vertical and business model, your content and audience, your distribution channels: all affect your viewership strategies. Test new things in all areas, measure the results and adjust accordingly
Tomorrow in the fourth and final part of this series, we’ll review methods for personalizing your AVOD content.


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Report: Is Viu on track for 10M users in SE Asia?
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