Broadpeak partners with VTVcab on OTT multiscreen services in Vietnam

By Jim O'Neill on May 24 2016 at 4:45 AM

Broadpeak, a specialist in CDN technology, is partnering with VTVcab, the largest pay-TV operator in Vietnam, to power VTVcab’s OTT multiscreen services. VTVcab is delivering live, VOD, catch-up TV, and other advanced video services to subscribers across any screen.

Broadpeak’s BkS400 video cache servers, which are located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are used to store and deliver popular video content. Each time an end-user requests video content, it is directly streamed by the BkS400 local server, increasing VTVcab’s efficiencies and reducing video delivery costs. The BkS400 servers deliver video content via adaptive bit rate (ABR) technology. Using a local cache helps reduce or eliminate latency between the origin server and the edge network, improving QoS and QoE, since higher video profiles will be streamed more often.

The cableco is managing load balancing and failover tasks using Broadpeak’s BkM100 CDN manager, which continuously monitors the popularity of content based on subscriber usage patterns. Through this portal, the VTVcab can define how content is distributed to different points of presence (PoP).

The operator is using Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDN CDN selector to reach customers outside its network. The technology enables VTVcab to dynamically choose between its own CDN (powered by Broadpeak equipment) and a third-party CDN, depending on which CDN is appropriate for each customer. 

VTVcab is also taking advantage of umbrellaCDN’s offload feature to distribute traffic from its own CDN to VTN’s in the event it reaches maximum capacity. This capability is especially useful during special events such as sports, which attract a large viewing audience. In addition, it provides VTVcab with detailed analytics and real-time monitoring that can be used to identify trends in audience behaviors across their different CDN systems.

“VTVcab was able to deploy its new service with speed thanks to the great work and commitment of their team, the flexibility of our solutions, and the strength and reliability of our local system integrator,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak.

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