4K/UHD SVOD channel ‘Love Nature’ launches in 32 countries

By Jim O'Neill on Feb 22 2016 at 6:15 AM
4K/UHD SVOD channel ‘Love Nature’ launches in 32 countries

Love Nature, a new direct-to-consumer 4K/UHD SVOD service, is launching in 32 countries, including the U.K., Australia, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland.

The Cloud TV channel from Blue Skye Entertainment, joint venture between Smithsonian Networks and Canada’s Blue Ant Media, says it will deliver a library of documentaries, series, featured themes and exclusive natural history scenes updated weekly.

It’s available in 4K on a wide range of services and devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku streaming players, Roku TV models, Nexus Player, Philips Android TV, Sony Android TV and in HD on Xbox 360.

The app, which costs £3.99/mo., includes a one-month free trial and is available on Amazon Appstore, Google Play, Roku’s Channel Store and LoveNature.com. In the U.S., the content is available for $3.99/mo. with a 7-day free trial through Smithsonian Earth TV.

In a unique partnership, Love Nature will donate a percentage of the proceeds of each purchase to wildlife and nature charities around the globe; including the Jane Goodall Institute UKGame Rangers International and Wild is Life Zimbabwe.

 “We are committed to connecting natural history lovers to the beauty and wonder of nature and its fight for survival in a changing world,” said Jo Parkinson, Managing Director, Love Nature (International). “Nothing looks more spectacular in 4K than natural history content and our new Love Nature SVOD service will allow us to meet the growing demand for high quality, 4K content in this category.”

Love Nature is shooting in some 40 locations globally including Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and South America; it plans to include additional locations in the future, aiming for the distribution of 200 hours of 4K wildlife and nature content annually.

Offering from London-based Blue Skye Entertainment include the brand’s natural history content for linear television and SVOD services and a turnkey factual 4K Love Nature channel for media companies worldwide. LoveNature.com.

Operators see 4K/UHD as a bit of a double-edged sword: While it consumes massive amount of bandwidth, it’s also seen a potential lure for Millennials and something that operators feel could differentiate them further.

Satellite operators currently have the edge of delivering 4K, but both IPTV and cable operators are working to get competing services up and running.

But Liberty Global President & CEO Mike Fries, during that company’s Q4 2015 earnings call recently, said the infatuation with Ultra HD might not be a universal one… at least not yet.

Fries, answering a question on the potential “halo effect” of 4K video on the operator’s pricing model, said: “I don't know whether 4K is going to make a material difference… I think we're in a wait-and-see mode.

“We're still in the early stages of knowing what that might mean to us,” he said.

The biggest issue? Like 3D, there’s just not enough content yet to make a good case for the technology. While users appear to be interested in it, at least more so than they were 3D, there’s no massive demand for it.

That could change, of course, as more content becomes available.

Stay tuned.

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