Webinar Recap: Analytics That Drive Business Decisions

By Adam Sewall on Mar 17 2011 at 9:00 AM

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Yesterday Bismarck Lepe, co-founder of Ooyala, hosted a lively webinar on analytics. The webinar was such a hit that we decided to post it here on the blog today. We've also listed some of the key questions below.

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Q: Will Dailymotion and Metacafe video-sharing sites be available to syndicate on Backlot, similar to the YouTube function?

A: Yes. This functionality is already available by selecting 'advanced syndication' under the External publishing tab.

Q: Are all of your analytics player-based, or is the video itself tagged?

A: Most of Ooyala's analytics reports require our module. The module is built into the Ooyala player, but can also be added to any Flash, Silverlight, or HTML5 player. For example, Hulu could add the Ooyala analytics module to its player. For playback that happens on YouTube or other video sharing sites, we leverage the sites' APIs to collect the data.

Q: What does RPM stand for?

A: Revenue Per Thousand page views. Because a single page view with a video player may keep a consumer engaged for a significant amount of time, the RPM would include all of the ad spots during the video stream. RPMs are a more accurate ROI measurement than CPMs.

Q: How often are analytics updated? Does it make sense to adjust advertising based on something happening during the day?

A: Our analytics module collects and processes data on a real-time basis and the analytics reports are updated every 5-10 minutes. We believe that we have the best-performing analytics solution on the market.

A publisher should absolutely make decisions (even real-time decisions) based on data. For example, if a publisher notices that their abandonment is 75% after the pre-roll, it may make sense to remove the pre-roll and insert two mid-rolls instead.

Q: Paywalls for channels rather than for individual videos. Is that possible?

A: No, paywalls are primarily for individual videos today. But if you embed a channel without video browsing and make the first video a paywall video, you will mimic the results. In Q2, we will be adding a feature to bundle videos under a single transaction.

Q: How far does ad revenue cover the cost of streaming for most publishers?

A: Publishers who are doing at least 500,000 streams of professional content with an average length of 5 minutes should be able to more than cover the fixed and variable costs of streaming. If you're not doing at least 500,000 streams, we can help.

Q: What is the average increase in revenue and/or viewer engagement you see from people who use Ooyala analytics?

A: It really depends, but proper usage of analytics can contribute to 3-digit increases to overall engagement and revenue.

Q: How does the Ooyala analytics solution compare to others in the market?

A: There are many differences, but the primary ones that most publishers care about are:

    1. Individual video reporting. Most video analytics solutions only provide account-wide reporting. We don’t think aggregate information is very useful because it is difficult to make optimization decisions if you don't know which videos are performing or under-performing.
    1. Real-time processing: Ooyala has built a highly redundant and distributed analytics system that allows for the real-time processing of data. This allows us to produce reports within 5-10 minutes of consumption. In the near future, we will also be releasing real-time reporting.
    1. Live & VOD: All of our analytics reports work for both live and on-demand video.
    1. Modular analytics: Our analytics module can work for Flash, Silverlight, and HTML5 players.
    1. 3rd party reporting: We expose important analytics information from UGC sites.

Q: Does a third party provide your analytics reports?

A: No. Our analytics solution was built in-house. This allows us to respond to customer demands and anticipate changing consumer trends.



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