Video Preview: What CES Has in Store for TV and Online Video

By Adam Sewall on Jan 09 2012 at 8:00 AM

With the Consumer Electronics Show around the corner, all eyes are on the hottest new gadgets. Or in our case, all eyes are on the hottest new video tech. We've dug through CES' Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honorees to find the most buzzed-about TV and online video toys.

Roku 2 XS


Like its predecessors, the Roku 2 XS includes more than 350 entertainment channels and hundreds of free movies, built-in wireless and hi-def playback at 720p. But it also includes an expandable memory plus Bluetooth, 1080p playback, Ethernet and USB ports, enhanced remote with motion control for games and a full edition of the Angry Birds game (there's even an Angry Birds limited edition). The device, named an honoree at CES in the online audio/video content and delivery category, retails for $99.99.



Who says you have to choose between TV and the great outdoors? Dish Network's Tailgater is a light and portable satellite dish to watch HD premium programming anywhere. The 10-pound device, which comes with month-to-month pricing, locates satellite positions and connects to a small Dish set-top box and TV. With about 10 minutes of setup, subscribers can watch live TV anywhere, whether from a tailgate, barbecue or campsite. This remote-viewing dish was named an honoree in the in-vehicle audio/video category. The Tailgater is priced at $350 and works with Dish's ViP 211k single-tuner HD receiver, which retails for $149.



You know what it's like to Skype from the desktop or FaceTime on the iPhone. But what about video chatting on that 70-inch LCD TV in your living room? You can with Biscotti TV Phone, a device that transforms the television set into a HD video phone. With Biscotti, customers can make calls to computers, tablets, smartphones and other Biscotti-enabled TVs. The device, which was named an honoree in the home theater audio/video accessories category, is available in the U.S. and Canada for $199, which includes no monthly fees and unlimited calls.

IOGEAR Wireless 3D Media Kit


First announced at CES 2011, IOGEAR's Wireless 3D Media Kit can wirelessly stream HD audio and video with 3D support up to 100 feet away with little latency or interference from nearby wireless routers since it leverages its own integrated private WiFi (802.11n) network. Content can be streamed to four 3D receivers to set up multi-room or multi-display environments. The device was named an honoree in home theater audio/video accessories. Available for $349.95.



Actiontec Electronics' MyWirelessTV is a wireless transimtter and receiver that replaces traditional HDMI cables and can deliver a 1080p 3D signal to multiple TVs up to 150 feet away. The wireless connection has little latency through walls and floors or interference from other wireless networks. Named an honoree in the multi-room audio/video category, MyWirelessTV sells for about $200 to $250.

Kodak PLAYSPORT Video Camera


If you live without limits, take this camera along. Waterproof, shockproof and rustproof, the Kodak PLAYSPORT video camera captures high-definition footage in 1080p and 5-megapixel stills. The PLAYSPORT features a prominent share button to easily upload to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. A digital imaging honoree, the camera retails for $179.95.

InstaPrevue Technology


Brought to you by Silicon Image, InstaPrevue gives you a picture-in-picture glance of every HDMI input connected to a digital TV or audio/video receiver, taking the guesswork of switching inputs. Switching between Roku, Xbox, Blu-ray player and cable box has never been easier. Full specs and pricing for InstaPrevue, an honoree in home theater audio/video accessories, has not yet been announced.

DXG 3D Camcorder


Using advanced dual-lens technology, the DXG camcorder shoots both 2D and 3D photos and movies in 1080p high definition, without requiring special equipment to film or play back what you've captured. An honoree in digital imaging, the camcorder retails for $299.99.

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