Eating Our Own Dog Food with Video Analytics

By Adam Sewall on Nov 11 2011 at 8:00 AM

OK, first things first: we know our limits. While our technology powers great cross-device video content for companies like Yahoo! Japan and, we would never claim to be in the film business. We’ll leave that to the pros.

That said, from time to time we do find ourselves making videos. We use video to do things like announce new solutions, share customer experiences and, well, to just plain have fun. I will say this: what we may lack in the video-production category, we more than make up for in the video-analytics category.

To demonstrate this point, I’ve pulled a few standard Ooyala analytics reports for an online video we published in August. What follows is a brief introduction to some of our video-analytics capabilities.

Viewer engagement
This report offers insight into viewer engagement on a second-by-second basis. As you can see, engagement is fairly steady throughout the video, save a slight drop-off toward the end of the clip. Put differently, about two-thirds of the viewers who started the video watched all the way to the end. Had viewers been bored—say, by a long-winded monologue—you’d likely see a sudden drop off in engagement. Likewise, popular scenes are typically accompanied by spikes in engagement, where viewers seek forward and back to watch (and re-watch) the segment.

Ooyala video analytics lets you get second-by-second insights into viewer engagement

Domain-based reporting
This is another standard video-analytics report, which displays the domains on which our video was viewed. As you can see, shortly after publishing the video, we had received most of our views from the domain and TechCrunch, which covered the story on ESPN partnering with Ooyala. Publishers who syndicate their content across many different domains find our domain-based reports particularly helpful.

See where your videos are being watched online

Video views by device
Given that our technology enables cross-device video delivery, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also offer device-specific video reporting... In this case, we’re looking at views by desktop/laptop, mobile and tablet. As you can see in the drill-down report, iPhone accounts for a big chunk of our mobile views, followed by Android. Publishers can use these types of insights to inform new strategies around video delivery and user experience. If we were in the video-production business, for instance, it might be smart to consider building an iPhone app for our audience.

Video views by device typeVideo views by mobile phone

Geo-based reporting
Where are our viewers located? Perhaps not surprisingly, many watched our video from the Bay Area. We did get some interest from the East Coast, including a good number of views from New York and Boston. Our video was also relatively popular in Chicago, Dallas and Seattle. The value of geography-based reporting is self evident: publishers, advertiser and marketers can discover granular insights into where their markets are located. Bear in mind that our geo-based reports are available at international, national and regional scales; it’s also possible to drill-down to the designated marketing area (DMA) within the United States.

Geo-based reporting

Our video analytics extends beyond these four types of reports, to include quality of service, sharing, advertising analytics and more. Also, it's worth noting that publishers can use Ooyala to create custom analytics reports to outline exactly which performance metrics are key to the success of their business.

Stay tuned for more analytics examples…

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