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Ooyala's Video Hosting ServiceWhat’s the best video hosting platform? It’s the one that helps video creators keep up with growing demand as online video explodes in popularity. The right online video hosting service makes it easy for publishers to upload, transcode, manage, store and distribute their video assets. That’s where Ooyala comes in.

Ooyala Video Hosting 

What makes Ooyala the best video hosting platform? We make it easy to ingest, transcode and deliver video across all screens, all from a single cloud hosting provider. Ooyala’s parallel ingestion architecture lowers time and project costs for video hosting and streaming, so your video gets to viewers faster.

Ooyala Video Hosting Solutions

With Ooyala’s video hosting services, publishers can ingest live and on-demand video, convert assets to optimal formats and then syndicate to all screens and platforms with ease. Ooyala’s video hosting capabilities include:

Video hosting for Business

Faster Transcoding

Our video hosting and transcoding system segments and distributes incoming files across multiple cloud-based encoding machines, generating multiple streams fast.

CMS Integration

Ooyala integrates seamlessly with all the most popular CMS platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore, Adobe CQ5 and Sharepoint.

Ooyala video hosting for business

Flexible Hosting

Ooyala’s video hosting API can import automatically from externally hosted sources, pulling video files and their metadata from the original video host.

Ooyala’s Video Hosting Services Save Time and Money

A great video hosting service plays a big role in publishing today. TV isn’t a single screen in the living room: it’s everywhere. Consumers are watching more premium digital video content on video than ever before. That’s why broadcasters and media companies are turning to online video platforms and video hosting companies to help them deliver quality video experiences to all devices quickly.

Unlike other video hosting services, Ooyala offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution: from ingesting and delivery all the way to analytics and monetization. That’s why successful media companies such as Media Prima, Sky UK and Mediacorp have turned to Ooyala for their video needs.

Ooyala harnesses the power of big data to offer the most advanced video solutions on the market. Superior analytics help Ooyala provide superior content management, video hosting, playback, delivery, syndication, discovery, recommendations and monetization tools. It’s what we do best.

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