Video Distribution and Video Syndication

Video Distribution and SyndicationA solid video distribution strategy is essential for digital video publishers, and the best distribution strategies use a video syndication platform to interact with distribution partners. In fact, pairing a smart online video distribution plan with the right content syndication tools may be the best way to monetize video.

Ooyala Video Distribution and Video Syndication Platform

Ooyala makes it easy to create your video distribution network. Our easy integrations make it a snap to hook into top video distribution sites. Video syndication controls give you full command of your content and revenue ― the kind of control not available with YouTube syndication alone.

Video Distribution & Syndication: Growing A Profitable Business

Web video distribution used to be an end in itself, but today’s digital TV providers are under constant pressure to broaden their video distribution strategy. Many have had disappointing results with content syndication revenues from YouTube, and sense there must be better ways to create a web syndication service that can drive real profits from video distribution over IP.

A productive online video distribution service calls for a sophisticated video syndication strategy. Ooyala’s comprehensive distribution and syndication capabilities include:

Video Distribution and Syndication tools

Online Video Distribution

Managing and distributing video across your own sites and apps is just the start. We’ll help you develop the video distribution network you need to create partnerships with other publishers. That includes using MRSS feeds and XML documents to distribute your video more broadly.

OTT Video Syndication

It’s not enough to simply make video available; your video syndication strategy should define the rewards earned by partners for each video play.

Beyond YouTube Syndication

YouTube syndication can offer outstanding exposure, but it can’t be the basis of a truly sophisticated video distribution strategy ― because you don’t control how you monetize or the revenue share.

Ooyala's Video Distribution and Syndication solutions

Distributed Content for More Viewers

A video distribution network can reach audiences who haven’t yet discovered your site or apps. The top video distribution companies can help you create exponential audience growth.

More than VOD Distribution

Video on demand (VOD) and live content are equally important at Ooyala. We’ll make sure that your video syndication strategy helps you distribute and monetize live content.

Ooyala Video Syndication Drives Measurable Results

With Ooyala, you can monetize your video through our core platform and by integration with leading partners including Google, and YouTube. We combine the power of advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD), and subscriptions (SVOD) to bring you the online video distribution platform you need to find your edge in the marketplace.

Leading companies like Media Prima, Sky UK, and The Telegraph rely on Ooyala’s video distribution and syndication options. Our best-in-class real-time analytics can help improve returns on any monetization strategy. With models ranging from ad monetization, to download-to-own, to subscriptions, Ooyala customers are building the next generation of Digital TV.

Four Stories of Video Success

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