Video Discovery

Video Content Discovery PlatformVideo discovery is the best way to engage more deeply with your Digital TV viewers. Suggest videos relevant to your viewers’ needs and you’ll extend your video reach and increase video views. The right video discovery platform can often create video engagement growth of 30% - 100%.

Video Recommendations with Ooyala Discovery

Ooyala’s online video solutions include our leading video discovery platform, Ooyala Discovery. We use Big Data analytics and sophisticated, patented, discovery algorithms to provide personalized video recommendations that grow ad inventories and revenues, optimize pay-per-view turnover, and cut subscriber churn.

Video Discovery: The Key to Online Engagement

A viewer who watches one video is great; a viewer who stays to watch more is a truly valuable customer. The right online video discovery strategy will help you capture those viewers as they discover more videos, watch longer and engage with you for the long term.

It takes a top-notch video platform and smart video recommendation algorithms to put the right video in front of the right viewer at the right time. Ooyala Discovery delivers on this promise, with:

Video content recommendation engine

Video Discovery

Our combination of metadata analysis, behavioral analysis, and editorial control provide a rock-solid foundation for your online video discovery strategy.

Video Engagement

As one video draws to a close, make new recommendations for others. Recommend videos within the player, in pop-up messages or even in dynamically-updating sections on the page.

Ooyala Discovery, our content discovery platform

Video Recommendation

Use video discovery to recommend videos that are not just generally related, but are most likely to appeal personally to each individual viewer. Video suggestions can be made within the video player itself or on screen in unique playlists generated by Ooyala Discovery APIs.

Video Reach

Ooyala Discovery treats your live offerings as equals to the VOD assets in your video library, giving you broader reach for everything you have to offer. To increase video views, nothing works better than combining the appeal of VOD and live assets into a single viewer experience.

Ooyala Delivers Personal Recommendations

Ooyala video recommendations drive video engagement rates up by 30% to 100%. Relevant video recommendations turn one-shot video snackers into binge watchers who lean back and relax with your content. Ooyala’s industry-leading monetization puts the power of advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD) and subscription (SVOD) in your hands, bringing you the maximum benefit from increased video engagement.

And your video discovery recommendations just keep getting better with our real-time analytics. We collect over 2 billion pieces of discrete video engagement data every month, and use these to personalize each and every video recommendation. With Ooyala Discovery, you know you’re getting the most from your library, your audience, and your whole digital TV offering.

Can Video Analytics Make You More Money?

Download this white paper to learn how many of the world’s leading broadcasters and media organizations are using video analytics to make more informed decisions about content and advertising; viewer acquisition and engagement; and technology and operations.


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