Video Ad Serving

Ooyala's Video Ad Serving platform The best video ad serving platforms determine which video ads to show on available inventory, then manage and deliver the right ads based upon preset campaign guidelines. Publishers may work with multiple ad servers to sell different types of inventory: display ads, mobile ads and (of course) video ads.

Ooyala’s Video Ad Serving Solution

Ooyala Pulse is a sell-side video ad campaign management platform. Its powerful ad decisioning and ad insertion tools are used by leading broadcasters and publishers who need the best video ad serving platform available: one that provides their viewers with the highest-quality and most relevant video ads.

Video Ad Serving with Ooyala

Ooyala Pulse is the video ad serving platform built from the ground up for broadcasters and premium publishers who run a video advertising business. It’s a complete sell-side video ad serving platform that includes campaign management, ad decisioning and ad insertion. Ooyala Pulse is designed to increase video ad CPMs, optimize sell-out rates and maximize all available video ad inventory.

And Ooyala Pulse does much more than serve video ads. It delivers audiences and results across devices, with high-performing video ad formats, flexible controls, and the analytics and insights needed to earn more from each video ad serving opportunity. Get closer to 100% sell-out with our detailed real-time simulation-based forecasting, dynamic video ad serving technology, and pass-backs to alternative video ad sources.

Ooyala Pulse’s video ad serving features include:

Video Ad Serving Technology by Ooyala

Video ad serving forecasts

Ooyala Pulse offers simulation-based forecasting with more exact predictions for better video ad campaign adjustments and higher inventory sell-out rates.

Video ad serving dashboards

Ooyala Pulse monitors video ad campaigns in real time, so you can measure their effectiveness from moment to moment and make on-the-fly changes to campaign setups.

Video ad serving reports

Our customer reporting tools give you the intelligent filters you need to drill deeper, so you can see exactly what’s working… and what isn’t.

Ooyala's Video Ad Serving Solutions

Video ad serving ad formats

Ooyala Pulse supports all premium video ad formats. It helps you optimize those video ad formats for maximum CPMs.

Video ad serving audience data

First- and third-party data helps you serve the right video ads to the right audiences for higher CPM rates.

Premium Video Ad Serving with Ooyala Pulse

Ooyala Pulse is the video ad serving platform of choice for many of the world’s top broadcasters and premium publishers. It offers control and flexibility unmatched by other video ad server solutions, plus innovative forecasting, detailed reporting tools, and support for all major video ad formats.

Five Ways to Boost your Video Yields

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