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Q2 2018 Video Index: A mobile content gold rush
Oct 31 2018

Consumers continued to watch video on mobile devices at a record pace in Q2, as global starts on smartphones and tablets topped 62% of all video plays, the highest share ever.

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Q3 2017 Video Index: Global sports viewing preference starts with mobile
Dec 13 2017

Video plays on mobile devices continue to increase and Ooyala is forecasting that, by the middle of 2018, more than 60% of all video starts will occur on mobile devices.

The Q3 2017 edition of Ooyala’s Global Video Index (you can download it here) showed the share of smartphone and tablet video plays increased for the 24th consecutive quarter, making up more than 58% of all starts, a record.

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Ooyala’s Video Index: Consumers spend more time with long content on all devices
Sep 13 2017

Well, there was a big surprise in this quarters Global Video Index (Q2 2017, you can download it here): Overall the global growth of viewing on mobile devices stalled, growing less than one percent.

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Q1 2017 Global Video Index: Long-form moves center stage
Jun 13 2017

Consumers in APAC watched 11% more video on mobile devices than those in North America, according to Ooyala’s Q1 2017 Global Video Index, a variance that shows that there’s little homogeneity in how content is consumed globally and underlines the need for solutions that don’t follow a one-size fits all strategy.

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How will your AVOD service perform across the globe? New Q4 Global Video Index reports
Mar 14 2017
Everyone watches online video the same way, right? Nope.
Ooyala’s Q4 2016 Global Video Index found that a publisher’s ad-supported content that’s distributed globally has a different – sometimes radically different – viewer profile depending on the region in which it’s watched.
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Ooyala’s Q3 2016 Global Video Index: Longer content migrating more rapidly to mobile
Dec 08 2016

There were more video views on mobile devices in Q3 than on any other device, continuing a growth trend that began with the earliest iterations of Ooyala’s Global Video Index. But it’s the kind of video that viewers are watching on mobile devices that we found most interesting in Ooyala’s Q3 2016 Global Video Index.

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Ooyala Q1 Video Index: SVOD vs. AVOD engagement; the QoE impact
Jun 16 2016

A 22% increase in the amount of premium video inventory available programmatically in Q1 helped drive a 74% increase in paid ad impressions, according to Ooyala’s Q1 2016 Global Video Index.

The report also found a 13% increase in private marketplace CPMs during the quarter, one which traditionally falls off following the Q4 holiday season.

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Ooyala Q3 Video Index European mobile video views top 53%; on mobile, sports is king
Dec 10 2015

Ireland and the United Kingdom are leading Europe – and the rest of the world (ROW) – in watching video on mobile devices, according to Ooyala’s Q3 2015 Global Video Index.

The latest iteration of the report shows that the Irish and British, especially, watch the most mobile video (66% of all video views) on smartphones and tablets, helping Europe to a ROW-leading 53%.

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Ooyala Quarterly Video Index shows mobile viewing, ad impressions growing
Sep 16 2015

Ooyala’s Q2 2015 Global Video Index showed that nearly half of all video plays and ad impressions for publishers occurred on mobile devices.

In the latest Index, released today, Ooyala said 44% of all video views in the quarter were on mobile devices, an increase of 844% since the second quarter of 2012, and a compound annual growth rate that exceeds 110%.

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New Ooyala report shows mobile viewing is booming and advertising is catching up
Jun 25 2015

Ooyala released its Q1 2015 Video Index today (download it here) capturing the shifting viewing trends of more than 220 million unique users in nearly every country in the world, spanning Ooyala’s 500+ customer base of the world’s largest broadcasters and publishers. This quarter’s report shows mobile viewing now accounts for 42% of all online viewing.

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Ooyala webinar: Inside the Numbers, Ooyala's Q4 Global Video Index
Mar 23 2015

Don’t miss Tuesday’s webinar, Inside the Numbers, where we take a deeper dive into the Q4 2014 Video Index.

The free webinar will take a look at mobile video views – which soared in December – and how the continuing migration of advertising dollars from broadcasters and publishers is changing the landscape of online video.

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Media companies looking to catch online video wave need to start paddling
Dec 09 2014

It’s becoming commonplace to look at various year-over-year metrics that quantify the way online video and Internet TV is being consumed and to expect growth of 30% or 40% or more.

But, what we may not be seeing or, perhaps, appreciating, is the speed at which the change is occurring, and the change in the magnitude of the growth.