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Fox’s live streaming is a nice start, but is it really enough to reach Millennials? Nope
Jul 12 2016

Fox Broadcasting is live streaming all of its primetime programming, saying it’s targeting viewers who want to tune into programs online instead of using television sets.

The caveat? It’s a big one: You have to be a pay-TV subscriber. (And, if you’re looking to catch live prime time sports, you won’t find it.)

The streams begin this week and are available in 210 TV markets nationwide through the Fox website and its Fox Now app.

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Tata Sky makes its TV Everywhere service free as Netflix deploys in India
Jan 11 2016

Indian pay-TV provider Tata Sky’s TV Everywhere service – which formerly cost consumers 90 cents a month – is now free to subscribers, a plan the company hinted at in November.

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Time Warner wants in on binging phenom; seeks ‘stacking’ rights to fight Netflix
Jan 08 2016

File this in the “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” folder: Time Warner – parent company to HBO, TNT, TBS and others – wants to be able to offer full seasons of shows, a la Netflix, on its cable networks.

“Stacking rights” enable networks to offer up entire seasons at once and are what has allowed binging – commonly defined as watching three or more episodes of a single show in one sitting -- to become something of a national pastime in the United States.

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Report: TV Everywhere somewhere between meh and ehh… yawn
Dec 16 2015

At the very least, TV Everywhere needs a major image overhaul. At the worst, it’s a bust.

Despite being available to more than 90% of U.S. pay-TV households, another report is saying monthly usage is abysmal, with fewer than 20% of pay-TV subscribers using TVE on a monthly basis… way fewer.

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Discovery takes a walk on the TV Everywhere side with new Discovery GO app
Dec 02 2015

Discovery Communications, which has been hesitant to jump into the OTT world, instead has decided to push deeper into its TV Everywhere product, this week announcing that its new TVE app – Discovery GO – would include content from nine of its channels, Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Science Channel, Velocity, Destination America, American Heroes Channel and Discovery Life.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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ESPN streaming all content to Argentina as it expands TV Everywhere
Nov 30 2015

ESPN is streaming all of its programming, including that from ESPN Extra, through its TV Everywhere product, ESPN Play.

The network told an audience at its Upfront 2016 presentation in Buenos Aires, that subscribers would be able to watch content on any connected device.

Previously, only ESPN 3 was available that way.

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Reducing friction in TV Everywhere authentication is key to growth
Nov 23 2015

The Streaming Media West Conference just wrapped in Huntington Beach, CA, and “Friction-Free TV Everywhere Authentication” was one of many lively panels on issues facing the industry.

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Globo to become 1st Brazilian broadcaster going OTT with live/VOD content
Nov 02 2015

Brazilian Broadcaster Rede Globo plans to roll its Play OTT platform this week, the most recent entry into what’s become big business in the region.

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LatAm TVE penetration at 75%; Brazil, with 12, has most platforms
Oct 28 2015

Brazil has an even dozen TV Everywhere platforms agreements, the most in any Latin American country, a new report points out, with another 10 in Argentina and seven each in Mexico, Chile, and Uruguay.

In all, at the end of Q2 2015, there were 53 TV Everywhere platforms in Latin America, seven of them launched in 2014 alone.

Among them, 15 TVE platforms belong to broadcasters and programmers; 38 are owned by pay-TV operators.

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Is TV Everywhere the answer to pay-TV’s Millennial problem?
Oct 14 2015

Young Millennials (18-24) are nearly 25% less likely to churn providers or to look for pay-TV alternatives when they’re aware their pay-TV provider offers a TV Everywhere service, a new study reports.

And, says the study from Altman Vilandrie & Co., roughly half of all Millennials who do not have multichannel video service say they’d be more likely to consider subscribing to pay TV if they could watch content on devices other than their TVs.

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TV Everywhere usage up 282%; Apple plays growing role in ecosystem
Jun 04 2015

A new report says 25% of TV Everywhere authentications in Q1 2015 were via streaming set-top boxes and game consoles, representing a 300% Y/Y share increase. Much of that growth came from Apple TV, which saw its share of premium video viewing double to 10% in the quarter, up from just 5% in Q4 2014, passing Roku devices as consumer’s top access choice.

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Do subs keep pay TV because of sports? Maybe, maybe not
Jun 02 2015

General entertainment programming on a pay-TV service is as critical, and perhaps more so, than sports when it comes to preventing cutting the cord.

Or, putting that another way… live sports may not be as critical to a pay-TV subscribers as it’s always been positioned.

In fact, a new survey says, it found that two-thirds of subscribers specifically said sports weren’t the reason they kept their pay-TV subscription.