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Facebook loses teens; should content owners drop it, too?
Jun 05 2018

With teenagers leaving Facebook for Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube should content owners do the same?

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Social video: Real Madrid taps Facebook Live, videos reach 1B social feeds
Oct 27 2016

The world’s most popular European football club, Real Madrid, is setting course on a content distribution strategy that may help provide a roadmap for other sports looking to turn social media into more than an exchange of pithy comments.

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Twitter buckles up, gets ready to roll with 1st streamed NFL game
Sep 15 2016

Planning to watch NFL Thursday Night Football on Twitter? You may actually be able to see the game now that Twitter has rolled out a new app that lets you watch on the big screen… assuming you have an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Microsoft Xbox One connected to said screen.

The company rolled out the free app this week as it prepares to stream the first of its 10 scheduled Thursday night games, starting with the N.Y. Jets and the Buffalo Bills

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Report: Social-Mobile video set for massive growth over next decade
Aug 18 2016

A new report says consumers in the U.S. now spend more than 50 hours a week using a "screen" -- a television, personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone – and posits that, increasingly, time spent on smartphones is driving that growth.

Social TV
Twitter takes user videos up to 140-sec. limit
Jun 22 2016

Twitter, which earlier this year struck a deal to stream NFL Thursday Night Football games, is continuing to refine its own video game, this week announcing it would allow users to tweet 140-second-long videos, up for the 30-second limit it started with.

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Facebook rolls out ad products aimed at drawing TV ad budgets to mobile devices
Sep 28 2015

Facebook, looking to leverage its strong ties with Millennials using mobile devices, Sunday introduced a quad-play of new advertising products that it hopes will convince brands spending on TV ads to move some of that cash to the social media site.

Sports, Social TV
Sky Sports kicking off Soccer AM in US, targeting Millennials
Sep 17 2015

Sky Sports is partnering with YouTube sports network Whistle Sports on a new social media channel that’s designed to bring more soccer content to U.S. audiences.

Soccer AM is specifically aimed at the high-demand Millennial demographic and will feature original football content and be available to watch on multiple platforms, with its own YouTube channel and a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Vine.

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Pre-roll ads top ‘affordability’ rank in US digital video ad market
Feb 25 2015

Pre-roll video ads are the most affordable ad units in the estimated $5.96 billion U.S. digital video ad market during 2014, a new study says,

Social TV
Viewers enjoy TV more, watch more live when social media’s involved
Aug 07 2014

The impact of social media is being felt in the TV industry as an increasing number of viewers say sites like Facebook and Twitter make them aware of more programs, help them enjoy television more and even watch more live TV.

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Social media + TV = What, exactly? A new study hopes to find out
Jul 18 2014

Does social media have an effect on TV viewing? Or is it the other way around? Does sharing a line from a just-watched comedy on TV, or recounting with your Facebook friends a scene as it unfolds on your favorite drama have an effect on viewership?

Not everyone agrees a social network is all that influential in determining what you might want to watch… or vice versa.

But, there’s just something about the second screen and social media that TV can’t quite ignore.

Social TV, Mobile, Online Video
Report: ‘Screen stacking’ a growing phenomenon around the world
Jul 11 2014

Three-quarters of Internet users globally said they watch TV on a daily basis but acknowledge that their attention is, to put it mildly, not undivided.

Close to half of all respondents (48%) to a survey from TNS Global said they “screen stack” while watching TV, interacting with social sites like Facebook, using email or shopping.

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Twitter bolsters social TV plans with SnappyTV acquisition
Jun 24 2014

Remember when Twitter (or Twttr) was just a way to send SMS messages? The platform has come a long way since then, and things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Whether you’re busy watching your World Cup highlights or live-tweeting alongside the games, Twitter is winning in social TV.