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Comcast chief Roberts on pay-TV's future, technology and Netflix
Sep 20 2016

Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings may not be BFFs, but the two have a shared vision, Roberts said during the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Broker Conference Call Tuesday, and it revolves around the consumer, a concept that hasn’t always seemed to be in the cable operator’s top of mind.

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Amazon Fire TV adds Netflix, HBO Go, HBO Now to universal search
Sep 07 2016

One of Amazon Fire TV’s best features is its ability to search outside Amazon Prime Instant Video. Yes, the search still prioritizes its master’s content, listing availability on Prime Instant Video and Prime’s electronic sell through before other sources. But search on Amazon Fire TV devices has just gotten better, as Netflix, HBO Go and, soon, HBO Now, have been added to the list.

For current device owners, a free over-the-air upgrade will install the new software.

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Iflix hopes celebrity ‘favorite’ content lists will help engage viewers in APAC
Aug 23 2016

Discovery and recommendation is a crucial part of the OTT mix, increasing the amount of time viewers spend on a website and the amount of content they consume, both of which are important to publishers and broadcasters.

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Virgin Media’s TiVo box get significant ‘intelligence’ upgrade
Aug 15 2016

The argument over “lean-forward” and “lean-back” TV viewing experiences has been, largely, pushed into the background as more viewers become increasingly comfortable with the need to do a little bit more work in finding the content they really want to watch among the growing number of online outlets.

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Charter CEO: Broadband is 'a major growth opportunity for us'
Feb 04 2016

Charter Communications, which added 115,000 high-speed Internet subs in Q4, sees the broadband business as a major opportunity that it so far has under penetrated.

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Dish deploys 16-turner, Netflix-integrated Hopper 3 DVR system
Feb 01 2016

Dish Network has rolled out the third-generation of its whole-home DVR system, Hopper 3 features, to customers nationwide. The device features a whopping 16 tuners, delivers enhanced 4K and supports up to seven TVs simultaneously.

And, Hopper 3 soon will include the Netflix app, along with integrating Netflix titles into its universal search results.

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Ericsson looks to get personal with FYI Television acquisition
Jan 19 2016

Ericsson, which has acquired multiple new media companies over the past two years, has announced it plans to acquire entertainment metadata and rich media content supplier FYI Television, looking to leverage the company’s ability to help personalize content.

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Report: Relevant, personalized content crucial to growth of digital video
Jun 03 2015

Video consumers want relevance and convenience, and are adopting delivery platforms that offer attractive content, easy discovery, social community and a personalized experience.

A new study from PwC contends those consumers – regardless of where they are – see “no significant divide between digital and traditional media.”

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If R2D2 controlled the remote: A peek into the future of personalized video
Jul 17 2014

Movies and TV programs have featured their share of robots over the years, some of them kind and some downright creepy. The robots from the Star Wars’ clan are some of the good guys: R2D2 is the ultimate buddy and co-pilot, and Lieutenant Commander Data, from Star Trek the Next Generation, is a computational wiz and overall great COO. Rather than being menacing, these bots are always ready to lend a hand.

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Hearst bringing Cosmopolitan to online video with SVOD channel CosmoBody
Jul 14 2014

Last August, Hearst executed a Marie Antoinette-style remake of the web presence of two of its biggest titles, ousting the heads of Cosmopolitan.com and Elle.com.

The makeover was, perhaps, a precursor of things to come… getting a little more in line with the Millennials who keep both mags chock full of advertising.

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Facebook expands video ambitions with new recommendation feature
Jul 11 2014

On the heels of its recent LiveRail acquisition, Facebook is trying to find more ways to help users discover and watch more video on the site. The social media giant has begun testing a new feature in its iOS app that recommends organic, user-generated videos uploaded in a carousel under the header, “More From >>”.

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Pay-TV subs ‘overwhelmed’ by channels, dissatisfied with service
Jun 20 2014

Nearly one-in-four subscribers say they’re “dissatisfied” with their pay-TV provider and nearly 20% say they’ve either changed providers in the past three months or plan to change or cut services in the next six months, a new report says.

Digitalsmiths, in its Q1 2014 Video Trends report, said the dissatisfaction level was the highest it’s seen since launching the report in 2012.